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While searching for distinctive brands on Google - as part of a research piece for an upcoming strategic project - I came across these rather amusing iterations of famous brand logos, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.



My personal favourite is the Google/Coca Cola example - it's amazing that you can still identify the Coca Cola brand even though the word says Google.




Logos are at the forefront of the power of a strong brand. The association between the colour palette, style and form are so ingrained in our minds as consumers, that the wording could say almost anything and we would still recognise the brand as the original. It's all about branding!


Logo design


It's something that designers strive for - that logo which becomes so well known in a particular industry, or even globally that a) other creatives design their own versions of it, b) consumers still identify the original in amongst the mickey-taking and c) that you design something that people like me will blog about.


Brand Logos


If you are after your own logo and want to know what it takes to have your logo designed - see brand logo design or read more about quick tips for a logo design.

**gets out sketch pad**


Logo Quiz


And for a bit of a fun take our brand colour quiz or our emoji brand quiz





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