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Do you know your marketing lingo?

A perfect quiz for marketing teams to share on team calls or just to test your knowledge of marketing terms. Use this quiz for your next team meeting, on us!



1. What are the original 4 Ps of Marketing?

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Product, Place, Price and Promotion


2. What does CRM stand for?

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Customer Relationship Management


3. What is the sharing economy and give an example of a company within it?

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Businesses that trade on users' resources and services, like eBay, AirBNB and Uber


4. What does MQL stand for?

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Marketing qualified lead


5. What is the "Churn Rate"?

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A measurement of the retention of customers.


6. What does CMS stand for?

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Content Management System - typically used behind websites to manage the content.


7. What does Dark Social refer to?

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Social media that is encrypted, where shares and analytics are not measurable, like WhatsApp.


8. What does MoFu stand for?

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Middle of the funnel, this is a stage of sales when a client realises they have a problem and goes to the market looking for a solution.


9. What does "Clear Labelling" refer to?

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Offering a service or product that is supplied or fullfilled by a third party who's identified in the transaction. As opposed to white labelling - offering a product or service as your own brand where you have used a third party's service or product.


10. What does SERP refer to?

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Search Engine Results Pages.


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