Launching out of Lockdown

In the most uncertain times we’ve ever experienced, we know it’s going to be important to hit the ground running, because we’re in the same boat. Storm12 stands ready to help you navigate out of these troubled times.

We’re ready! Are you?

Coming into this period of change, we understand that everyone has tightened their belts, but now is the time to act. A swift and decisive transition is key and the quicker you get in front of people, the better.


Worried about cost?

It’s always difficult to balance the cheque book in times like these, so we know we need to be flexible. We’re eager to work together to come up with a creative strategy or help with your sales and marketing campaign that will deliver you the best bang for your buck or give you the tools to do it yourself. Be honest with us, tell us what your budget is and we’ll plan something that works to deliver you ROI, no matter how much you have to spend.


Want to engage more online?

In the new normal, rethinking your online offering and creating pages that are more engaging is what it's all about - see our long read with online engagement tips you can apply now.


Looking for ideas?

Or if you just need some more inspiration or real life examples, visit our creative blog or our creative portfolio for a bit of a nosey!


Want help?

Or better yet - give us a call, go on...

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How can Storm12 help?

We’re extending our service offering in a bid to help businesses in any way we can but we’ve got the skills and experience to back it up.




Creative Strategy Agency

Creative Strategy is at the heart of everything we do. Delivering your brand to your audience takes a combination of strategic and creative thought. We carefully consider your objectives and deliver a Creative Strategy that means you get creative with purpose.

Creative Strategy Agency 

Brand Strategy

Brands come in many forms and each Brand Strategy is unique. What you need to do to move your brand forward will depend on many factors, from target audience and industry to your brand’s age and visibility. We take all of this insight and deliver a Brand Strategy that is creative with purpose.

Rebranding Strategy

Brand Proposition

Messaging & Tone of Voice

Creative Marketing Strategy

When delivering marketing for any business you need to have a plan, and a creative marketing strategy covers all the bases. Working with Storm12 brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and our combination of detailed research and creative insight brings you creative with purpose.

Creative Planning

Campaign Management

Campaign Strategy

Website Strategy

You can build a website and it’ll work just fine, but digital experiences and technologies are changing every day and you need to be ahead of the curve. Not only that but your business is changing, so let us help hit your targets with creative with purpose.

Customer Journey

Keyword Strategy for SEO

Website Audit

Creative Services Agency

Shaping brands is what we do and we're passionate about delivering the right Creative Services for you. We'll question, consider and collaborate to deliver creative with purpose.

Creative Services Agency 


Not to brag too much, but branding is one of Storm12's many talents. We help to spot what makes your business extraordinary and show it off with your brand. We’ll create something you believe in - reinvigorating your company and making you feel proud to show off.

Logo Design

Brand Evolution

Visual Identity

Brand Campaigns

Brand Guidelines


Storm12 has been developing websites for more than 15 years. We have a great track record in building all types of websites, from smaller brochure-style websites to large scale ecommerce sites. Our in-house team of designers and developers produce creative with purpose.

Web Design

UX Design

Bespoke CMS


Microsites and Landing Pages

Website Support

Creative Marketing

If you’re looking for an agency with bags of experience and the skills to bring your brand to life, you’ve found it. Our branding and marketing credentials, backed by our strategy-led approach means that we deliver creative with purpose.

Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Product Launches

Event Support

Content Creation & Copywriting

Direct Marketing

Rebranding Agency


With most design agencies, you’ll get really nice design but you can't always get people who will challenge you with a different perspective and help guide you with brand strategy or creative marketing strategy. With Storm12, you get creative with purpose.

Graphic Design Services

Advertising Campaigns

Brochure Design

Direct Mail

Social Media Posts


With so many options when it comes to video, we’re here to help guide you through the process and help you decide what you actually need. Looking at your business objectives from a creative strategy point of view, we can help you get creative with purpose.

Corporate Videos


3D Animation

Script Writing

Logo Animation

Digital Marketing Agency

Previously, marketing was about broadcasting a message to the world. Now, however, technology means that we can be much more specific in tailoring our marketing messages to bespoke audience groups or even individual targets. Add to that the powerful data, analytics and measurement resources available and you have a powerful digital marketing asset to drive your activity to the next level. Digital and automated marketing is a real leap forward in the marketing toolkit and our expertise plus the power of the software can deliver real, measurable creative with purpose.

Digital Marketing Agency 

Sales & marketing automation

Automated sales and marketing campaigns can help to increase your number of leads, qualify them and ultimately convert them into clients. Nurturing workflows feed information to prospects throughout their buying cycle and advanced software can alert your sales teams when someone is ready to buy. We design and build beautiful, intelligent and results-driven automation campaigns to give you creative with purpose.

Data & Analytics

We are a strategy-led, results-focused agency. Our digital marketing platforms enable us to track, measure and evaluate marketing efforts to see what is working, and what is not. This means we can eliminate wasteful spending and focus on what is generating the most impact. Real end-to-end ROI measurement coupled with dynamic strategy and beautiful design gives our clients creative with purpose.


Our PDF+Insight service delivers responsive, digital publishing to convert your catalogue, brochure or magazine into a beautiful responsive online publication. We create accessible, search engine-friendly publications, giving your content the best chance to be found in search and reach your full audience.

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