Storm12 Monthly Upgrades

We launched Storm12 in March, but we're still celebrating.

We've grown, rebranded, become more powerful and ultimately, upgraded.

And, to spread the awesome feeling of an upgrade, we're delivering Storm12: Upgraded goodies to our friends for the rest of the year.

Every month - on the 12th, obviously - we're upgrading experiences from coffee breaks to lunch, seasonal treats to awesome eats.

You never know, you could be on the receiving end of the force of Storm12.


Wednesday 12th April: Easter, upgraded for gdb


1 Easter egg is great. 12 are even better. A dozen eggs delivered to the gdb office, on us. 




Friday 12th May: Lunch, upgraded for B&CE, The People's Pension

The saying goes, there's no such thing as a free lunch. There was for B&CE after we upgraded theirs - 12 pizzas, personally delivered, on us. 




Upcoming upgrades include: 


Monday 12th June: an afternoon upgrade of Ice cream for RBW Consulting. 

How about a post-lunch delivery of ice cream for the whole office on us? Sounds good, so we dropped in to upgrade RBW Consulting's afternoon. Job done. 




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