Family Friendly Gatwick

Gatwick Airport asked for our help to create a new identity and a supporting mascot for their Family Friendly programme - aimed at making travelling with children easier. Of course, we were happy to help and why create one mascot when you can create four?!

What we did...

Logo, flags, leaflets, signage, characters, wall graphics, brand guidlelines

Project Team

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Develop a unique 'Family Friendly Gatwick' brand to promote the great service level that the airport has to offer. Create a differentiator for Gatwick Airport and a device to help carry messaging through the airport.

"Storm have helped to deliver a real sense of personality with adverts, passenger communications and internal documents. Their skill lies in the consideration of the nuances within our brand guidelines and adapting them to our varied audience and stakeholder groups."

Brand Manager - Gatwick Airport

have we grabbed your attention?

well then, let's start working together!

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