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We all understand how important it is to protect our credit card details when we're buying things online, but increasingly our identity can be just as valuable to criminals. Each time we send data to a website we're handing over a tiny bit of information. If the website isn't secured against hackers our information can be collected, sold, and used to impersonate us. Not cool.


If your website isn't securely built and securely hosted, hackers could be silently watching the information that you and your visitors exchange with your site. That could be your CMS username/password, your messages to and from visitors, details of your visitors and your clientbase and so on. With your CMS credentials hackers could alter your website and change the password to stop you fixing it, then hold you to ransom. It has happened.


Our content management system has been professionally penetration tested by our clients, so we are confident it's robust. It's fully compatible with secure hosting so we can serve our clients' sites securely, which means they have the neat little green padlock next to their address in the browser - like ours does. Soon, when Google starts penalising websites that aren't securely hosted, our clients' sites won't need major work to remain successful.


We don't mean this to sound alarming - don't panic. If you don't know whether your site is secure please ask us for advice. We'll take a look.


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