Video Marketing Trend 2019

8th Nov 2018

Video Marketing Trend 2019

Video marketing has proven to be one of those trends that just doesn't go away. Tipped as the hottest thing in marketing for 2018, next year it will still represent one of the best ways to reach an audience, create brand loyalty and convey a message, no matter how complex. Video has some impressive statistics behind it too - 72% of consumers say they have shared a brand's video and more than half of consumers claim that watching brand videos makes them feel more confident about purchasing decisions. However, while video marketing is certainly not going anywhere next year, changes are taking place in the way that it is created. These are our top predictions for video production trends in the new year.

Live video is taking over

Now that most major social media channels have enabled live streaming this has become a bona fide trend. Carefully prepared and edited videos are being overtaken in popularity by the excitement of the live feed. In fact, 82% of consumers prefer to engage with a brand's live video than with regular social posts.


There is also evidence that live video tends to improve audience engagement and performs better in terms of retaining viewers than pre-recorded video. If you're planning to use more live video then it's not simply a case of point and shoot - to really get the most from this trend you need to be prepared to produce clear and professional quality live streams every time.


Virtual Reality (VR) integration

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are big tech trends for next year and will be factored into video production processes too. Increasingly, consumers are indicating a preference for videos with an element of VR that makes them feel immersed in the messaging. This is not just a feature for gamers; it's already appearing in sectors such as healthcare and business.


Consumer perspective control

With the potential for 360-degree video now a reality, consumers can have much more control over the perspective that they view. Next year we will see more video production that factors in this desire consumers have to control what they see and how they see it.


Personalising video marketing

Stripped back production techniques enable a much higher volume of video marketing to be used to support personalisation of contact with customers. That could be something as simple as an individual "thank you" or an explanation tailored to a question a customer has posed.


Video becomes more searchable

Thanks to the growing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), video is becoming increasingly searchable online and Google is adapting to fit this - for example by introducing video previews to video search results. So, in 2019 video production will need to take into account the potential this type of content has when it comes to SEO.


Video is going nowhere next year - in fact, it's on track to become one of the most popular and desirable types of marketing content. Factoring in these production trends could transform the impact that your video marketing has.

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