Branding that leaves a lasting impression

Branding that leaves a lasting impression

Your brand is right up there as one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s quite often the first thing a potential customer sees and if it’s not first, then it’s second! One common misconception is that a brand is just a logo but there is so much more to it. 

Your brand is the culmination of every client facing piece of material, from your logo, to the style of your website, tone of voice, through to the imagery and iconography you use.

As experts in this field, we are ideally placed to help you create consistency from the ground up and build your brand awareness through smart and creative insight.

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Brand research

The depth of brand research we undertake is dependent on many factors, the age of the business, the industry you’re in, the amount of competitors you have, what your business goals are, the list goes on. It can be simple or in depth and after a discovery session, we can work together to decide how detailed our approach needs to be.

Benchmarking your current brand perception, equity, loyalty and preference, gives us the foundations and areas to improve on and enables us to monitor these areas and identify success. The aim of brand research is to define strategic actions that, once implemented, give you an edge over your competitors and within your industry.

Brand positioning

Once you have all the insight from the research stage of the project, you can start the brand positioning process. Brand positioning is essentially defining who you are, why buy from you and why not someone else. The key to your brand position is a positioning statement that describes you in a short phrase or a few words that talks to your potential customers.

We then work with you to a strategy that targets engagement with your customer, defines your sales channels and sets you apart from your competition with key differentiators.

Logo creation

Creating a brand name can be complicated. We start with a brainstorm and get as many ideas from as many people as possible. Coming up with something original can be a challenge but we’re great at creative thinking! When we’re picking our favourites and fine-tuning our selection, we look at available domain names as this key to a brand’s digital success.

Creating a brand logo is one of our favourite projects to work on, it really gets our creative juices flowing! From your brief, competitor research, industry research and our understanding of your business, we create logo concepts that fit your business and how it should present itself.

Building a brand and specifically a consistent yet flexible brand style is a bigger project than you think. Creating elements, colour palettes, fontography, image and iconographical styles that all fit and flex to any form of media and platform is all part of building brand awareness.

Ready to build your brand?

Protection and trademarking

Protecting your brand through gaining a trademark is something to think about especially if you are a larger business or are selling your own products. This ensures no one can infringe upon your intellectual property.

We work with excellent trademark and intellectual property attorneys who specialise in this field and will be able to guide you through this process.

Brand activation

When it comes to activating your brand, we have all of the skills required in-house. Our marketing team will work with you on a brand activation strategy to launch your new brand. Our web team can build you a fancy new website to target customers and engage your audience. The digital team can define an engagement plan and the creative team will define messaging that engages with your audience.

Brand management

Analysing how your current brand is perceived enables us to plan how the brand should be perceived if it is to improve and achieve its objectives. This is an important step in order to help your company establish and grow.

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We love animation. From logo stings to corporate shorts, we know the power animated content has to improve business. We have been at the forefront of animated corporate collateral since our foundation over two decades ago. With such a wealth of experience, we now offer; logo stings, animated social media content, web-based animation, advertising campaigns as well as full-length 2D and 3D animations.


Creative Design

Creative design can be anything from illustrations to full-blown marketing campaigns. The scope can be broad, but we always follow the same process no matter how large or small the job. Everything starts with strategy. We don't just create pretty pictures - whatever we do needs to be designed to deliver on key objectives.


UX Design

Working with you to create a user experience or UX that fits your audience groups is part of almost every project we work on. From airport wayfinding and seasonal campaigns to digital performance and large scale websites, UX is a key part of creating an engaging end product.

UX Design

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