Digital content strategy and outreach

Digital content strategy and outreach

As a content creation agency, we offer a range of services to research, plan, develop and deliver content across a wide range of channels.

Content strategy services are an essential part of what we do here at Storm12. Before we begin writing content for our clients, we develop a comprehensive plan to audit, research, create and deploy it. Our tried and tested content strategy framework ensures we have a full understanding of the goals and objectives we're trying to achieve with our content work. Whether you're looking to increase traffic to your site with more SEO-friendly material or grow your social following, our approach is designed for success.

We can help you design and develop an effective content marketing strategy that drives traffic, engages your target audience, and generates leads.

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Content marketing audits

We offer content audits for our clients, where we take your existing content and assess its performance. We examine its relevance to your target audience, objectives and brand tone of voice. We can also identify areas for improvement and make recommendations, or rewrite your content to enhance its value for SEO and outreach.

Typically, we review your website content, articles, blog posts, news and social media to determine their effectiveness, traffic and engagement levels. We're looking to make sure that your content matches your brand identity, and that it consistently delivers key messages in line with your objectives.

From there, we move to setting out a solid, results-driven strategy to produce eye-catching content.

Content strategy agency

We start the process of working with our clients on their content by researching their target audience, preferences, and pain points. As well as this, we identify those all-important goals and markers which we're trying to reach. By doing this research and learning early in the process, we can create content which resonates with the audience and addresses their specific needs.

Once we have a firm strategic understanding of our clients' business and marketing objectives, we can begin planning content. We always develop a content plan which outlines the themes, topics, formats, and channels for content creation and distribution. Consistency is key, and this plan helps us to deliver a steady flow of relevant, valuable and engaging content.

Now that the plan is in place, we get to the good stuff. We produce high-quality designed to engage your audience and prospects. From blog posts to news articles, videos to emails, we've got you covered. A crucial part of our content outreach service is to ensure that everything we write is optimised for the channels it's going to be used on. We take the content and incorporate relevant keywords for SEO, meta descriptions and other techniques designed to improve your visibility.

We constantly analyse, measure, track and adapt our content. By monitoring its performance using an array of analytics tools, we can see what's working and what's not. We'll double-down on content that's hitting the spot with your audience, and pare back on what's not performing so well.

We're looking to drive engagement and traffic, so we adapt our output based on real-time feedback. Adapting our plans and tactics to what your audience is showing in their reactions means we're able to adjust on the fly, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

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Content creation services

Ongoing content creation is an essential element of a content marketing strategy. We continuously produce and publish new content for our clients to build and maintain their online presence, or engage more people on social media platforms. We do this to keep them front of mind and relevant with their target audiences.

Storm12's digital content creation service helps our clients maintain an active online presence, build brand authority and engage with the right audiences. We help attract and retain your audience's attention, add real value and support your marketing goals.

We creating new content based on the themes, topics and channels identified in each of the content plans we develop. We research, write and optimise content designed to convey key messages and engage the right audiences, all whilst aligning it with our clients' brand identity and tone of voice.

Once we have developed the content, it's time to publish it. We use the platforms identified in our planning and research to deliver a consistent flow of updates designed to maximise engagement. We use social media channels and content management systems to get our clients' content noticed.

Timeliness is crucial, so we make sure we're always ahead of the game using scheduling platforms. However, we're also able to react to any ad hoc news items, updates and events which pop up and need supporting social media posts or content creation.

Once content is published, we monitor and analyse its performance using web analytics data, social media analytics, and other relevant performance indicators. We're looking at key metrics such as page views, engagement, conversions, and feedback to assess the effectiveness of the content. This means we're much better placed to make data-driven decisions for future content pieces.

Content engagement and analytics

Once we've planned, produced and content, we have to monitor and measure its impact and success. Understanding how material engages with the target audience is a critical aspect of content marketing. If we don't take the time to analyse interactions - both good and bad - we can't build upon which to make decisions going forward. Pieces of content which perform well at certain times might not do so well at others, so being able to adapt and revise our content is a key part of our strategy.

We need to look at how the audience interacts with content, whether they take desired calls to action or discover the information they are looking for. Analysing key metrics including views, page entries and exits, sharing, comment and liking, we can build a picture of which pieces of content perform well, and which might need some work. At Storm12, we make data-driven decisions in our content plans. This means we look at what's working and adapt our content calendars to match.

We use a variety of tools and techniques to help us analyse how our content is performing. We regularly review in-platform analytics data to spot patterns and trends in engagement, so that we can revise our tactics in line with what the audience is telling us. After all, the audience is always right and it's important to factor their real-time feedback into your ongoing strategy.

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