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    Although we are based in Handcross, West Sussex, we service all sorts of companies in the surrounding areas, click below to explore some of the areas we operate and a touch of our work there...

    • London

      Although we are based in West Sussex, we can and do work with companies in London as we are just a short trip up to the city. With the quality of a London creative agency but without the price tag, we’re as strategic, creative and results-driven - just surrounded by a few more fields. With design, web and video capabilities all under one roof, we’ve got the complete package for your creative needs.

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    Welcome to Storm12, the attention-grabbing design, web and video creative agency. Based in Handcross, West Sussex, we work with clients based across the region including London, Surrey, Brighton, Kent and Hampshire.

  • Who we are

    If you want an agency who will come up with awesome ideas and deliver maximum bang for your buck, you've just found it.

    • Our history

      Wow, where has the time gone?! Established back in 1999 in an old barn with one Quadra 800 Mac, one telephone and one fax machine trying to get an internet connection on the modem - we've come a long way since.

    • Our team

      Storm12 is made up of a crack team of strategic thinkers, attention-grabbing creatives and project managers. Check them out here or give them a call.

    • Our impact

      We like to think that we're nice guys. We do our bit for local charities and the environment - it makes sense. Over the last couple of years, we've raised over £8,000 for local charities. Not only does it give us that warm, fuzzy feeling but it really does help them out and we're glad to do it, especially if we can have a laugh with, or at each other along the way.

  • What we do

    We deliver attention-grabbing creative that gets the job done. Choose from the menu to see how.

    • Design

      We've always had a strong background in design, and, if we do say so ourselves we've delivered some really attention-grabbing work for large B2B organisations. Our senior designers, marketers, technical experts, developers and project managers deliver stunning work to get our clients noticed.

      • Branding

        Branding is key, you know that. You want to be top of your game and we want to help you get there. Nothing gets us going like a branding workshop or a client brief to be disruptive and add some vip to an old logo or colour palette. Engaging brand. Powerful identity. Adaptable and flexible. Sounds good to us. Fire up the attention-grabbing ideas machine and let's get going.

      • Advertising

        You don't need us to tell you what advertising is. You might need us to help you deliver bang-for-your-buck, attention-grabbing creative though. Well researched, perfectly targeted and message-driven ideas, designed from the ground up to target your audience. That's what you get from us.

      • Direct Mail

        A beautifully designed DM piece is all well and good, but it ain't much use if there isn't a solid redemption plan or customer journey in place once it has been delivered. A piece of DM without a call to action is nice to look at but not much good for ROI. Grab attention with a DM piece from Storm12. Strategy-led, focused and creative is a recipe we've used time and again to deliver on brief, and some.

      • Literature

        Literature - printed or online - is a great way to represent your brand but you need it to be beautiful, to turn heads, to have real shelf appeal. Consistency is king - you have to reflect your business in the material you produce. That's where we come in.

      • Exhibitions

        You're attending an upcoming industry event. You've booked prime real estate, in the perfect spot for top-drawer footfall from hundreds of potential customers. Then you think - I need a best-in-class stand to match. You pick up your phone, dial 01444 40 12 75 and hear "Hello, Storm12". We take care of the rest. Concept to de-rig, we've got it covered. Members of our team spent years working in the industry - we know what's what.

      • Integrated

        There are so many marketing channels out there - mobile, web, advertising, direct mail, social, literature. The list goes on. Before you pick one, you have to understand your audience and how to engage them. Makes sense.

    • Web

      We build great bespoke websites. There, we said it. Our developers have spent years honing their skills, building a whole host of different sites for our various clients, and they're pretty good at it.

      • Web Design

        When it comes to web design, collaboration is king. We need to find out what you need, what your visitors need, what they do on your current site and why you called us. A website workshop kicks off the process - we pick your brains, you pick ours. Result? Sitemap, specification and the user journey we need to deliver the goods. Now comes the exciting part - if you like InDesign and XD anyway. Our senior designers take the approved (by you, written by us) design brief, go off, brainstorm ideas and start putting together concepts with loads of attention-grabbing ideas for both design and functionality. Once they're finished working their magic you'll get a chance to have a look at the concepts we've created for you, feedback and then we'll fine tune your chosen concept to perfection. Because we're nice like that.

      • E-commerce

        You need a website which can handle transactions, bookings, purchases. Not a problem. You need it to interface with stock control systems, customer booking management or online selling platforms. Not a problem. Shopping baskets, secure payments, mobile responsive for your on-the-go customer? You guessed it.

      • Bespoke CMS

        There's not much we can't do when it comes to how they look and how they work. Why? Simple - our bespoke CMS. Sure, we've worked with Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and so on in the past, but every time we've tried them we've discovered that they make our clients' lives more difficult. Often non-technical people find an off-the-shelf CMS difficult to understand - and our clients are smart, so it's probably the system. The software needs updating a million times a day and for that little extra added value, there's a patch for a gaping security hole every couple of months that you must apply if you don't want your site to be hacked. You don't have time for that. We don't have time for that.

      • Website Security

        We all understand how important it is to protect our credit card details when we're buying things online, but increasingly our identity can be just as valuable to criminals. Each time we send data to a website we're handing over a tiny bit of information. If the website isn't secured against hackers our information can be collected, sold, and used to impersonate us. Not cool.

    • Video

      And... action Video is a great platform to communicate your key benefits but more importantly, to get your culture and personality across to your clients. There are LOADS of options from animated sequences and logo stings to onsite filming, interviews and cool cutaways and effects. We love producing videos - let us know if you need one.

      • Video production

        As per usual, it all kicks off with a workshop to uncover what you need your video - it is your video after all, no matter who your target audience is - to say and how, plus get under the skin of the company, learn your values and your ethos. We have to make sure you look like you.

      • Animation

        Take your content to the next level and let it take on a whole new dimension. Bring characters to life, tell short stories or create product tours - it's all possible with an animated film from Storm12. It's a great way of getting key facts and data across when video footage just won't cut it. You might need 3D-rendered plant, characters or products - we can do that too.

  • How we do it

    Hi there, we're Storm12 and we'd like to get you noticed. Three steps. Three simple steps. Often overlooked, often undervalued and rarely emulated - Storm12 is built upon core pillars of strategy, ideas and results. The perfect recipe for a winning idea.

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    Want to know what gets us going? We've got film buffs, Spotify bandits, bookworms and exceptionally amateur sportspeople within our ranks. Check out what they're into. If you've seen, heard or read something great that we haven't, tell us!

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