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  • Launching out of Lockdown

    In the most uncertain times we’ve ever experienced, we know it’s going to be important to hit the ground running, because we’re in the same boat. Storm12 stands ready to help you navigate out of these troubled times.

  • We are twenty one

    It's not every day you turn 21 and while we're not allowed to fly to the US for a beer and a bet in Vegas, we're still celebrating. We're marking this milestone birthday with a few socially distanced Zoom cocktails and a look back on what we've achieved in just over two decades. From designing our first projects using CD-ROM cards to multilingual, multinational commerce websites, we've come a long way. So, crack open some bubbly and raise a glass to us - from two metres away, of course.

  • Christmas 2020
  • Home

    We combine strategy and creativity to deliver what you need, when you need it and how you need it. There's more to marketing than meets the eye. You need a skilled team of commercial brand strategists working in tandem with talented designers, L33t developers, dynamic video producers and digital gurus. Luckily, we’ve got them all, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver outROIgeously good creative. Using our trusted process of collaboration, creation and captivation, we get the job done and we’ve been attention-grabbing and results-driven since 1999.

  • Work

    Have a nose through some of our our work portfolios below for some of the favourite projects in our design case studies, portfolio of web design, video case studies, marketing portfolio and branding case studies. This may not only give you some ideas and inspiration but also show you what we are capable of. For more creative ideas options - scroll down below...

    • Brand

      Looking for branding case studies for some inspiration? Here we showcase all our brand case studies from logo design to brand styling, rebranding projects and even brand naming. Have a look through some of our case studies to inspire your work on your brand identity.

      • Rebranding

        Rebranding your business is quite a task, so here are a couple of examples for you to get some ideas or see our capabilities on rebranding projects..

        • RiCK Branding

          The technology consulting arm of Ricardo needed to reposition their centre of knowledge brand with something modern, current and user friendly. The brief was to convey not only the power of the product, but the personality of the team behind it. The product had not been marketed as a standalone product before, but was a key recurring subscription revenue driver and in need of an update and new position.

        • Clear Advantage

          A new brand style for Cmed Clinical Services.

        • Brand building

          Stiles Harold Williams approached Storm12 in need of a new brand and style to modernise their company image both internally and externally.

        • Is it a bird? A dog?

          A video production company came to us looking for a new name and brand which we were only too happy to help with. After all, how often do you get to fuse a dog and an eagle into one logo?!

        • A brand with kerb appeal

          Taylor Robinson approached Storm looking for a new brand to revitalise their look and feel. We set about creating dynamic new options with a modern touch to really give the new brand some kerb appeal.

        • Keeping Keltie on brand

          To accompany their new brand, Keltie asked us to put together a brand book to ensure consistency and continuity in application of the new style.

        • Family Friendly Gatwick

          Gatwick Airport asked for our help to create a new identity and a supporting mascot for their Family Friendly programme - aimed at making travelling with children easier. Of course, we were happy to help and why create one mascot when you can create four?!

        • Airport Essentials

          Gatwick asked us to help create a new brand plus look and feel for their on-airport passenger services, which had been a little neglected. Three services to promote, three new creative executions, one new design platform.

      • Evolution

        Sometimes a brand just needs a refresh, and doing so brings new life to the look and feel and transforms marketing materials. Changes in brand identity, colour palette, look and feel or even just image treatment can have a big impact. Here are a couple of example where we have done just that.

        • Principle graphics

          ABN AMRO Commercial Finance engaged us to help them develop creative ideas to engage staff with new internal communications propositions.

        • Beds from the heart of Devon

          Create a brand for an exclusive range of mattresses being manufactured from natural wool in the heart of Dartmoor in Devon by Enchanted House Beds.

        • On another level

          Mezzanine Flooring International in Kent chose design agency Storm12 to refine and reposition their brand.

        • A new look for Keltie

          Intellectual property firm based in London, Keltie asked Storm12 to create a new corporate style and identity for their brand.

        • Opening opportunities

          Having already done many projects with them, Gatwick Airport turned to us again for help communicating job opportunities at the airport.

    • Web

      Find inspiration and ideas for your next website project here. We have all the experience necessary to tackle your project, be it website development, design, UX design, e-commerce, microsites or a membership website. Backed by our signature strategy-led approach, you get creative with purpose.

      • Web Design

        With website development comes web design and this is the cornerstone of a great website. Here are some of our website designs for you to peruse to give you an idea of what we can produce. All of our website projects involve design.

        • Keltie's new website

          Keltie required a new website which would work more effectively with search engines and increase organic traffic. They were also looking for increased awareness within their industry and key sectors as well as generating more leads. A key goal for the website was to engage with clients at different stages of their buying cycle, meaning it needed to be content-rich, user-friendly and attractive enough to increase dwell times.

        • Website evolution

          PDT Solicitors wanted to evolve their website with additional functionality and the ability to display a wider range of content.

        • New website for Hochiki

          Hochiki Europe approached Storm12 to create a user friendly site that highlight their product ranges and feed the user through to their existing e-commerce system.

        • New website for Maucher Jenkins

          Maucher Jenkins approached us looking for a fresh new online presence.

        • A new online property for SHW

          A new website for SHW with striking new visual identity to accompany the company's new brand.

        • Electric new Roband website

          Roband needed a new website to show of their products, experience and services.

        • A filtered approach

          Porvair Filtration in Portsmouth, Hampshire came to us for a new dynamic website design that would evolve the brand, speed up page load times, simplify the user journey and increase accessibility - and of course to get a great web agency to step up to the plate.

        • Levelled up

          Mezzanine International in Kent were looking for a web agency to complement their creative team and found that Storm12 not only fitted the bill, but raised them to another level.

        • Experience Keltie

          A bold move for Keltie in London with a new website.

        • The sky's the limit

          A new website for AJW Group with interactive mega-menu navigation and striking, modern visual design.

      • UX Design

        Here are some examples of our online UX design work.

        • Aaron Russell gets a fresh new look

          Aaron Russell came to us with a vision to create a customer-focused, easy-to-use and seamless showcase website. Who are we to say no?

        • A bold move

          An all-new website for Weald Living.

        • Navigating a new course

          Coast to Capital looked to us as their agency of choice with their Business Navigator Growth Hub website, with added upgraded features and a modern design.

      • E-commerce

        E-Commerce websites demand specific web design, functionality and UX design to optimise the online shopping experience. We have been involved in a variety of different kinds of transactional websites, and here are just a few case studies.

        • Bedding in

          An all-new website for the National bed retailer Jones & Tomlin.

        • Bedding in: the sequel

          National bed sellers, Jones & Tomlin, were looking to update and improve the look and feel of their website.

        • Park and fly

          Name, brand identity, email campaign, website & booking system, signage & bespoke photography.

      • Membership

        We have worked with a number of different membership organisations and each have their own set of objectives. We find attracting and retaining members to be very important and have developed a number of innovative solutions for different aspects of the membership cycle. Have a look through just some of the work we have been involved in.

        • Business Togetherness

          Sussex Chamber of Commerce reached out to us looking to rebuild their website with some added components.

        • Making us tic

          Tourettes Action approached us with the task of creating a new website to engage with young people, parents, teachers and general practitioners and to create a social network of support, resources and events.

        • Getting business done

          gdb approached Storm12 looking to update their website and give it a dynamic new visual identity as well as additional functional elements to enhance the user's experience.

        • Membership Directory: Upgraded

          By streamlining the design and improving the user experience, we created a dynamic, new membership directory for gdb with added upgraded features.

        • A new home for Saxon Weald

          Saxon Weald asked us to help them create a new website which would make it easier for residents and tenants to interact with the company and improve service levels.

    • Marketing

      Why not look through our portfolio of creative marketing campaigns to see some examples of our work even some inspiration for your next campaign? Because we collaborate so much with your marketing team, we often get involved not only in the creative concepts and designs, but also in campaigns themselves - collaborating, creating and ultimately captivating!

      • Creative Marketing

        Using our creative and marketing skills, we have a few case studies which showcase how we have merged these skills into campaigns or marketing projects for our clients.

        • Sustainable is Attainable campaign

          Vent-Axia is a British ventilation, heating and air conditioning manufacturer. We were asked by Vent-Axia to create an integrated campaign to showcase their efforts to be more environmentally conscious. The campaign had to work across print and digital, with a variety of deliverables. It needed to be eye-catching with strong visuals and a distinct icon & strapline to use across the campaign. They were open to straying away from their conventional layouts to create something bold and bright, but also easy to follow.

        • Bakers rebrand and digital marketing

          As Bakers Timber Buildings evolved over the last few years, it became apparent that their name did not reflect their products and services. Bakers Garden Buildings more accurately describes their products and manufacturing processes - the amount of timber used is a fraction of past buildings - so we decided to help them rebrand with a subtle name change, but a complete new look. The old name did not reflect Bakers’ offer and services, so our creative team developed a new identity to tie this together.

        • Oncam integrated

          A range of marketing material for leading security firm, Oncam.

        • Cmed integrated

          An integrated approach to help reposition Cmed with the CRO sector.

        • G4S integrated

          A range of over 200 projects for G4S acorss divisions and channels.

        • 24/7

          A nice little creative campaign highlighting the bus routes to and from Gatwick Airport, which Metrobus run 24 hours a day.

        • Building the Bakers brand

          A new campaign for Bakers.

        • Legacy campaign

          To deliver an engaging suite of materials to act as a reminder that people can support the hospice with legacy giving.

        • And the winner is...

          An integrated campaign for the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards.

        • A new look for gdb

          After we produced a fantastic website for gdb, they asked us to refresh their other marketing collateral to fall in line with their new online look.

        • Food for thought

          Gatwick Airport approached us looking to create a campaign design identity to promote the range of takeaway and take on board flight food and drink options within the airport.

        • STEM

          Gatwick Airport looked to us (again) to create an interactive toolkit for teachers to showcase the diverse range of opportunities with the airport to their students.

      • Christmas

        Christmas gifting and promotional campaigns are an essential part of the marketer's calendar. In fact, our recent research shows that 85% of companies have run some kind of campaign or gifting promotion as well as 67% of decision makers feel valued when been given a Christmas gift or some kind(1). Options include personalised cards, animated emails, gamification, animations and videos as well as advertising and direct mail. Here are a few example of some end of year campaigns we have done for both ourselves and our clients.

        • Christmas Animation for Eurovia

          Instead of sending out a Christmas card to all their staff, Eurovia wanted to create a unique and simple Christmas animation that would engage with their employees, spanning several companies.

        • Storm12 Christmas Game

          In 2018 we wanted to engage a bit more digitally with our clients and top prospects. So we used gamification on our website to draw the audience into "Guess that Christmas Song" - have a go...

        • An Awkward Christmas Campaign

          Do you remember those award family Christmas Card photos, that were popular in the 70's and 80's?

    • Design

      Our experience in design projects for both B2B and B2C clients gives us the creative agility to tackle many types of projects - from small to complex. Have a look through our design portfolio to get some ideas for your next marketing design requirement.

      • Advertising

        Advertising is an iconic part of the marketing mix and we have certainly done many, many adverts for our clients over many years. Here are just a few for you browse through.

        • Bus myths busted

          Metrobus asked us to work on a creative advertising campaign that would dispel preconceived opinions of bus travel with a focus on a commuter route between Burgess Hill and Brighton. Storm12 being their choice of creative agency.

        • Not your run of the mill ad campaign

          Saxon Weald launched a new retirement community and needed our help advertising it.

        • Sale now on

          We were given the task from Jones and Tomlin to create seasonal sale campaigns to run across local newspapers and publications covering the Horsham, Chichester and Worthing areas.

        • Engaging Gatwick

          In 2015, Gatwick Airport gave us a call, looking for a design agency to create a new house-style for their Community Engagement programme. That's music to our ears so we developed a creative platform ready to be rolled out across the region.

        • Take your seats for breakfast

          Gatwick asked us to help with the creative behind a campaign to promote the breakfast offering available at the airport. Passengers were unaware that many of their favourite restaurants also offered delicious meals for the start of the day - that's our kind of brief.

        • The big move

          Storm were asked by Gatwick Airport to create a set of assets to be used to communicate - internally and externally - the move of three major airlines within the airport.

        • Community Engagement creative

          Armed with the task of creating advertisements for Gatwick's Community Engagement campaign, we produced a set of dynamic designs and a toolbox set of five themes to capture what Gatwick was after.

      • Direct Mail

        We have collaborated with many clients for their direct mail project or campaign, coming up with creative, captivating ideas. Here are a couple from our creative portfolio.

        • A Maltese cross for Cmed

          Cmed asked us to help them produce a direct mail piece to explain their Biometrics offering. Due to the nature of the information and the range of services on offer, a Maltese cross made perfect sense.

        • Think outside the box

          Venture Finance, a financial service funding company in Horsham, approached us in need of a new sales campaign.

        • Mail is the best medicine

          Advanced approached Storm12 needing to get in contact with prospective clients.

        • A real direct mail shot

          ABN AMRO Commercial Finance dropped us a line, asking for our help to create a direct mail campaign, but with a difference. They wanted something striking, engaging and surprising. We thought a custom-made sideshooter should do the trick.

        • Taking the leap

          An engaging direct mail campaign to promote.

        • Catch up with a coffee

          ABN AMRO came to us wanting to re-engage with some key clients.

        • Storm12 launch

          Why not include a piece of work we did for ourselves? This is the direct mail piece we created to spread the word to our clients that Storm had been upgraded and that Storm12 is here.

        • Let's chat over coffee

          In an effort to make use of the time travelling and visiting clients, we designed these quirky coffee cups to drop into new offices and introduce ourselves.

        • HR challenge

          A strategic campaign to promote the HR support that Sussex Enterprise offers.

        • A cool box

          Internation product launch for the new 'Shipper' box.

      • Brochures

        We have designed many brochures in the past, and they are a must-have when selling face-to-face, as a leave-behind or as an interactive PDF for emails. Here are a few brochure designs from our portfolio.

        • Brochure design with added security

          As a long standing design agency serving G4S in London, we recently designed a high end brochure to help them demonstrate fire and security solutions, outlining credentials and services.

        • The Marketing Suite

          ABN AMRO Commercial Finance in London came to us, as their creative agency with a clear brief - create a new, attractive style for their printed corporate literature. We set about designing image-led, sleek documents with a less-text-is-more approach, delivering a brochure with added shelf appeal.

        • Review of 2017

          ABN AMRO needed a digital only Annual Review document to highlight some of their achievements, some great case studies and statistics throughout 2017.

        • A quick move for Weald Living

          Weald Living were looking for a marketing pack to help promote phase one sales of the Creswell Park development. The design for this would form the campaign styling for all the development marketing material going forward. A tight leadtime had to be achieved for this project.

        • Hospice heroes

          A range of marketing material for St Catherine's Hospice aimed at caring for the next generation.

        • Literature with a clear edge

          Storm we asked to create a new stlylish brand style across over 200 pieces of literature. We created a design style which would work successfully across the various countries in which Edwards operate, that could be applied to any document from a single sided data sheet to extensive brochures.

        • New heights

          Berkeley Homes in Surrey needed sales tool-kit to sell 'The Tower' penthouses, as their current design agency could not help at the time.

        • Take flight

          A set of brand guidelines, an annual report and aircraft guide for world leading aircraft charter firm Air Partner.

        • A brochure with new 'Vision'

          Vision Survey came to us to reposition their brand at an upcoming exhibition.

        • Shop&Eat Guide

          Gatwick asked for Storm12's help with a new name, brand, design, copywriting and roll-out of their on-airport guide to shopping and eating. In other words, our perfect project.

        • Summer special

          Each quarter, we produce the Gatwick Airport Shop&Eat guide but this time, they wanted something a little different.

        • North & South for Shop&Eat

          With the success of the previous Shop&Eat guides under our belts, Gatwick approached us with the task of making the guides multi-terminal. We gladly accepted the challenge.

      • Exhibitions

        Exhibitions are not only about the stand, but the creative marketing campaigns and standing out. Here are a couple of examples where we helped clients to do just that.

        • Standing out

          A new stand for Smart 360.

        • Making waves for Cmed

          New wave-stand for major US conference.

        • A stand with added reaction

          A new stand for Accredo at The Business Show.

        • An amoosing project

          It's not every day that a client calls us, as their marketing agency in for a meeting to discuss designing a cow. But there we were, collecting a brief to design and paint a life-sized fibreglass cow for a public art exhibition.

    • Video

      When it comes to captivating video, looking through our portfolio examples might just be the thing you need to kickstart your next project. You'll see we have the experience to make your video or animation stand out and capture the attention you need!

      • Animation

        • CXO300 Launch

          Cox Powertrain approached us needing a video to introduce and create intrigue at an exhibition before launching their new on-board motor.

        • 24/7 animated

          To promote the 24 hour Gatwick Airport service, Metrobus commissioned a short animation to promote the services available and convenience for people traveling to and from the airport.

        • The island is changing

          A motion picture animation to promote the key achievements of the Island Roads contract.

        • Animating Airline Moves

          Engaging motion image to convey the new terminal layout.

        • Airport Essentials animated

          Gatwick asked us to help create a new brand plus a look and feel for their on-airport passenger services, which had been a little neglected. Three key services to promote, three creative executions, one new design platform.

        • Most important meal of the day

          Breakfast delights at Nando's, Wondertree, Grain Store & wagamama.

      • Video production

        • PDT in focus

          PDT Solicitors are a cool, calm and collected commercial law firm, based in Horsham that work with businesses across the UK and Overseas. Whilst working on their new website we created a video to showcase their services.

        • New Storm12 showreel

          Say hello to our video. New colours, new animations and new graphics, we've updated our showreel to better reflect our brand. It shows off our favourite work for some great clients and creates a lasting impact, all while injecting a bit of fun. It's bold, dynamic and attention-grabbing. Just like us.

        • United in Europe

          Keltie approached us wanting to demonstrate the impact of Brexit and what it means for their company. Featuring talking heads and steadicam walk-through of their office, we produced a friendly, approachable and upbeat video, perfect for getting Keltie's message across.

  • Creative Strategy

    Creative Strategy is at the heart of everything we do. Delivering your brand to your audience takes a combination of strategic and creative thought. We carefully consider your objectives and deliver a Creative Strategy that means you get creative with purpose.

    • Brand Strategy

      Brands come in many forms and each Brand Strategy is unique. What you need to do to move your brand forward will depend on many factors, from target audience and industry to your brand’s age and visibility. We take all of this insight and deliver a Brand Strategy that is creative with purpose.

      • Rebranding Strategy

        When you’re rebranding, it’s often forgotten that you need to think about how this will impact any brand awareness and brand value that you already have. A rebranding strategy is an important piece of work that you need to do before you take your rebrand public.

      • Brand Proposition

        A brand proposition is so important. For your audience to know your brand, you must know it yourself and know those key ingredients or USPs that really sell your business or product. Lots of brands have products, but it’s not the product they're selling, it’s how it makes life better for your customers and it’s that insight we can provide you which delivers creative with purpose.

      • Messaging & Tone of Voice

        When it comes to delivering your brand to your target audience, the messaging and tone of voice that you use are critical. Getting these both right is the key to creating engagement with your current and potential clients. We think outside of the box and deliver creative with purpose.

    • Creative Marketing Strategy

      When delivering marketing for any business you need to have a plan, and a creative marketing strategy covers all the bases. Working with Storm12 brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and our combination of detailed research and creative insight brings you creative with purpose.

      • Creative Planning

        Planning your creative campaigns can be painful but working with us, it can be a dream. We’re always keen to be involved from the earliest stage and help guide you through planning out your creative activity. Whether it’s large sales campaigns or small ongoing brand awareness activity, with us you get creative with purpose.

      • Campaign Management

        There can be a lot involved in between concept and delivering a campaign to your audience, and that's where we come in to help with campaign management. We help fine tune the campaign, defining audience groups and messaging to match and deliver creative with purpose.

      • Campaign Strategy

        Creating a campaign strategy before you embark on any campaign is essential. You must know who you’re targeting, what message you’re going to use and how you’re going to deliver that message to them. Additionally, you need to link these into your business objectives in order to deliver creative with purpose.

    • Website Strategy

      You can build a website and it’ll work just fine, but digital experiences and technologies are changing every day and you need to be ahead of the curve. Not only that but your business is changing, so let us help hit your targets with creative with purpose.

      • Customer Journey

        A website is essentially pointless if it’s not hitting any of your business goals. This can be for many reasons and when we build a website we carefully and creatively consider how we aim to meet your website’s objectives, this is how you get creative with purpose.

      • Keyword Strategy for SEO

        A good Keyword Strategy for SEO is the best way of getting people to your website. It’s a combination of detailed research and creative thinking about how to get the right people to engage with your site, which means you get creative with purpose.

      • Website Audit

        We’re used to working with websites on various platforms and our audit can be for any site, whether we’ve built it or not. We take the time to carefully comb through your site so we can offer considered and insightful changes, delivering creative with purpose.

  • Creative Services

    Shaping brands is what we do and we're passionate about delivering the right Creative Services for you. We'll question, consider and collaborate to deliver creative with purpose.

    • Branding

      Not to brag too much, but branding is one of Storm12's many talents. We help to spot what makes your business extraordinary and show it off with your brand. We’ll create something you believe in - reinvigorating your company and making you feel proud to show off.

      • Logo Design

        When considering your brand logo design, it’s essential that you take a step back and look at the bigger picture and how your current or new brand will fit within the competitor landscape.

      • Brand Evolution

        If you need to rebrand or reposition your brand then it's important to look at your competitor landscape and plot them onto an Ansoff Matrix to establish where your revitalised brand needs to be. This will ensure we deliver creative with purpose.

      • Visual Identity

        A brand style or visual identity is way more than just a logo! These are the additional but crucial elements that support the logo and provide the overall style. They range from which images, colours and graphics your brand uses to a primary and secondary colour palette and iconographic themes. This is not just a pretty picture but creative with purpose.

      • Brand Campaigns

        When creating a brand campaign, it’s important to adapt your message and design per channel. A Facebook audience may have a different tone of voice to LinkedIn for example.

      • Brand Guidelines

        There are a huge number of factors at play when considering developing a set of brand guidelines for your business. These start from higher level items such as your mission, vision and values all the way down to fonts, image usage and tone of voice. The key purpose of any brand guidelines is to start to build consistency and brand recognition throughout your business. Remember, all creativity must have purpose.

    • Websites

      Storm12 has been developing websites for more than 15 years. We have a great track record in building all types of websites, from smaller brochure-style websites to large scale ecommerce sites. Our in-house team of designers and developers produce creative with purpose.

      • Web Design

        The design of your website is essentially the shop window to the world for your brand. It’s the key marketing asset to give your visitors the first and enduring impression of your company and allows you to nurture and convert prospects. That is why we believe in creative with purpose.

      • UX Design

        The UX design of your website is the key to success. We put our experience and creative thought into how we construct a website. There’s almost no point in having a web presence if you're not planning how users are going to engage with your content. It’s not just about it looking pretty, it’s about developing clear funnel strategies and design that delivers creative with purpose.

      • Bespoke CMS

        We have created a bespoke CMS which we tailor to each website we build. You get everything you need and nothing you don’t so there’s no unnecessary noise. We work strategically with you to define your needs and build your customised CMS - that’s what we call creative with purpose.

      • Ecommerce

        Selling products and services online is common practice these days and in fact, more B2B and B2C businesses are considering this as their main focus when defining their marketing plan. Transactional websites are a good example of where sales and marketing strategies overlap, giving you creative with purpose.

      • Microsites and Landing Pages

        Microsites and landing pages are another tool in the marketer's online arsenal when it comes to co-branding, product launches and campaigns, giving you creative agility - we call it creative with purpose.

      • Website Support

        We understand that your website is a crucial marketing asset. We use our technical knowhow and robust hosting service to ensure we keep your website running smoothly.

    • Creative Marketing

      If you’re looking for an agency with bags of experience and the skills to bring your brand to life, you’ve found it. Our branding and marketing credentials, backed by our strategy-led approach means that we deliver creative with purpose.

      • Sales & Marketing Campaigns

        We create campaigns that make you memorable. They’re strategically sound, intelligently creative and results-driven which means you get more bang for your buck. Ultimately, it’s about delivering creative with purpose.

      • Product Launches

        A coordinated plan, with clear channels and content which takes into account the before, during and - vitally important - after, is the key to a successful product launch. Your new product, brand or service needs to land with a bang, not a whimper. We’re here to introduce your new offering, backed by creative with purpose.

      • Event Support

        You’ve booked space at an event, or you're putting on one of your own and you need toolkits, adverts, brochures, materials and content to support it. That’s where we come in. Our approach to building collateral to support your event means that you get creative with purpose.

      • Content Creation & Copywriting

        We know how great content and strong copywriting can transform your brand and get the results you’re looking for. Working together and producing impactful, thought-provoking content for your target audience helps us to deliver creative with purpose.

      • Direct Marketing

        Clever, engaging or original direct marketing can get you the cut-through to your target audience that you’re looking for. We deliver impactful, results-driven direct marketing campaigns built upon solid strategy and experience. We call it creative with purpose.

      • Rebranding Agency

        A rebrand can be tricky. As a business, you’re always looking to the future and want to get there fast but you need to be careful not to alienate your current clients and don’t want to risk losing anything that you’ve worked hard for already. Thinking strategically and creatively gives you creative with purpose.

    • Design

      With most design agencies, you’ll get really nice design but you can't always get people who will challenge you with a different perspective and help guide you with brand strategy or creative marketing strategy. With Storm12, you get creative with purpose.

      • Graphic Design Services

        Graphic design is at the core of what we do and we have a long history of producing high quality design across all of our creative services. Graphic design isn’t just making things look pretty, we put real thought into everything we create, which gives you creative with purpose.

      • Advertising Campaigns

        A creative advertising campaign can come in many forms and with Storm12 you get the best of both worlds - you get an agency that has fantastic creative ideas for your campaign and you get the strategic thinking behind delivering a campaign that gives you ROI. That's creative with purpose.

      • Brochure Design

        Nowadays, brochures aren’t just printed, they can be digital too and work just as effectively. We can work with you to plan what sort of brochure would be the best for your audience and deployment method. We’ll design a beautiful brochure with attractive typesetting and strong calls to action, giving you creative with purpose.

      • Direct Mail

        Direct mail is a bit of a lost art and has been overshadowed by the low cost of email marketing. A direct mail piece can be costly, but more often than not, the reward can far outweigh that. A well thought out direct mail campaign linked to a smart campaign strategy can deliver you great ROI and creative with purpose.

      • Social Media Posts

        There are so many different social media platforms now that you need to tailor all creative to fit the platform that you’re using. Your message and visual may be similar with subtle differences but each execution must work within the constraints of the platform and what works best for the platform. With us, you get creative with purpose.

    • Video

      With so many options when it comes to video, we’re here to help guide you through the process and help you decide what you actually need. Looking at your business objectives from a creative strategy point of view, we can help you get creative with purpose.

      • Corporate Videos

        Working with partner filmographers, we direct all footage capture and deliver corporate videos that are tailored to your business. It can be interview-based, product-based or even detailed benefit-led videos - whichever one you need is where we come in - that’s creative with purpose.

      • Animation

        Animated videos can be used in many ways - as sales and marketing campaigns and can be longer for full product explainers or shorter with punchy sales messaging. We put thought into what will really work for you - that’s creative with purpose.

      • 3D Animation

        A three-dimensional animation can be a fantastic way of demonstrating a new product. You can combine them with two-dimensional animations really effectively to show off different elements or benefits, giving you creative with purpose.

      • Script Writing

        When you’re writing a script for a video, you need to bear in mind the key points which relate to your audience and think creatively as to how to get them across in a way that is meaningful. That’s what we call creative with purpose.

      • Logo Animation

        A logo animation may appear simple but it’s a crucial part of a video. It’s what relates your video back to you and can also include a strong call to action - that’s how we demonstrate creative with purpose.

  • Digital Marketing

    Previously, marketing was about broadcasting a message to the world. Now, however, technology means that we can be much more specific in tailoring our marketing messages to bespoke audience groups or even individual targets. Add to that the powerful data, analytics and measurement resources available and you have a powerful digital marketing asset to drive your activity to the next level. Digital and automated marketing is a real leap forward in the marketing toolkit and our expertise plus the power of the software can deliver real, measurable creative with purpose.

    • Sales & marketing automation

      Automated sales and marketing campaigns can help to increase your number of leads, qualify them and ultimately convert them into clients. Nurturing workflows feed information to prospects throughout their buying cycle and advanced software can alert your sales teams when someone is ready to buy. We design and build beautiful, intelligent and results-driven automation campaigns to give you creative with purpose.

    • Data & Analytics

      We are a strategy-led, results-focused agency. Our digital marketing platforms enable us to track, measure and evaluate marketing efforts to see what is working, and what is not. This means we can eliminate wasteful spending and focus on what is generating the most impact. Real end-to-end ROI measurement coupled with dynamic strategy and beautiful design gives our clients creative with purpose.

    • PDF+Insight

      Our PDF+Insight service delivers responsive, digital publishing to convert your catalogue, brochure or magazine into a beautiful responsive online publication. We create accessible, search engine-friendly publications, giving your content the best chance to be found in search and reach your full audience.

  • About Storm12

    If you want a creative agency who will come up with awesome ideas and deliver maximum bang for your buck, you've just found it.

    • Our history

      Wow, where has the time gone?! Established back in 1999 in an old barn with one Quadra 800 Mac, one telephone and one fax machine trying to get an internet connection on the modem - we've come a long way since.

    • Our team

      Storm12 is made up of a crack team of strategic thinkers, attention-grabbing creatives and project managers. Check them out here or give them a call.

    • Giving back

      We've decided that we need to try to give more back - to good causes, to local causes, to causes which mean something to us. So this year, we've each chosen a charity close to our hearts and we'll be helping out in any which way we can over the next twelve months.

    • Zero Carbon

      Storm12 set out at the beginning of the year to be carbon neutral by 2025.

  • Blog

    Find out what has caught our eye from the worlds of creative design, web, marketing, branding and video - both offline and online. We look at the basics and the sophisticated, whether you're looking for ideas, solutions or just checking us out. We also have some long reads, delving deeper into certain subjects. So tuck in and be sure to sign up on the left to receive regular Storm12 blog alerts.

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      If branding and brand identity is important to you, and you would like to learn more and keep up with trends on brands in the industry, have a read through and subscribe. A brand is at the heart of marketing and it's always important to keep up with new ideas or even refresh the basics of branding. There are also some articles that might tickle you marketers out there too!

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      Keep up with articles about different creative design themes here. From how to choose the right colour palette to logo design and some classic design inspiration. If you are into design and need some inspiration, have a look through these blogs and if you don't have time now - subscribe to our blog alerts and we will email automatically when a new blog is released - simple!

    • Web

      If web design is something that's important for you and keeping up with the latest trends or being reminded of the basics is for you, then you're in the right place. We look at everything from microsites and software integration to analytics and UX design.

    • Marketing

      In the world of marketing, creativity can often be lost - so we regularly add articles with a creative angle to them giving you, the marketer, some inspiration and ideas. Call it creative with purpose. Sit back and peruse our marketing blog or bookmark it for another time and better yet - subscribe on the left to our blog alerts. We'll send you an email once we have published something new in this area.

    • Video

      We have collected our articles about video for you here, from corporate videos to logo animations, explainer videos and VOX POP, it's all things video. In the world of online engagement, there's nothing more engaging than video - but using it well and having the right format in the right place is key. That's creative with purpose. Have a peruse through this blog and if you like what you see - stay connected to our blog alerts on the left.

    • Long Reads

      From all our creative subjects, here is a collection of long reads which go in-depth or the "deeper dive", to use some of that lingo. These span all our creative subjects above. So get comfy, grab that coffee and enjoy!

    • Industry

    • Webinars

      To help marketers with ideas, tips and inspiration on marketing subjects, we have a collection of past webinars for you. These are a collection of webinars from The Marketing Club, a group we put together with complementing marketing service companies - all there to serve marketing teams.

  • Careers

    Storm12 has been going above and beyond for over 21 years now, from humble beginnings in a converted barn to an old doctors’ surgery. We don’t do ‘normal’ offices and we don’t do ‘normal’ staff. From spreadsheet-loving thinkers to out-of-the-box dreamers, CSS fanatics to InDesign addicts, coffee lovers to occasional peppermint tea drinkers, we’re a creative agency made up of an experienced and talented bunch. What unites us is our passion for producing outstanding work that gets people talking, listening, feeling. We collaborate. We create. We captivate. So, fancy joining us?

    • Working at Storm12

      Storm12 have been going above and beyond for over 21 years now, from humble beginnings in a converted barn to an old doctors’ surgery. We don’t do ‘normal’ offices and we don’t do ‘normal’ staff. From spreadsheet-loving thinkers to out-of-the-box dreamers, CSS fanatics to InDesign addicts, coffee lovers to occasional peppermint tea drinkers, we’re a creative agency made up of an experienced and talented bunch.

    • Creative Freelance Jobs

      We’re always on the lookout for freelance talent. From amazing copywriting and content killers to motion graphics and website superheroes, if you’ve got the skills, don’t be shy.

    • Creative Partnerships

      Sometimes a project calls for a specialist set of skills we don't have and means we need a partner. But we don’t just partner with any company - they have to fit with our culture, ethos, processes and fundamental belief in delivering for the client.

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