Results-driven websites

Results-driven websites

Your website is essentially the shop window to the world for your brand. It's the key marketing asset to give your visitors the first and enduring impression of your company and allows you to nurture and convert prospects.

You might be looking for a slight tweak to your design or a complete new website. Whatever you need, your website should reflect your brand and values and be a core strategic marketing tool within your business.

The strategy behind your website is so important and is unique to each business. You need a plan for ROI and that all starts with benchmarking your current website performance. We work through these details with you, establish primary and secondary goals and then put together a strategy to meet those requirements. Working in collaboration, each of our departments work together to deliver on these goals in your new website.

Bespoke website design

Each website we create is a collaboration between all of our departments, from the marketing strategy and user-driven creative to digital marketing knowledge and completely custom code.

Every business we work with has different needs, different brand values and a different brand style, so why would our websites all look the same? Our creative team designs every website for you and your customers. Working from a detailed user journey, we create engaging and compelling websites that hit the mark.

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To do their job properly, websites should be focussed on the needs of their audience members. Visitors may be looking for answers to questions, or seeking to purchase something, or just getting a feel for an organisation.

We construct detailed profiles of each website's users by identifying their demographic and geographic groupings, considering how they arrived at the website, identifying their needs, and how the website can help them. We consider the journey that each of these personas will take, from landing on the site to arriving at the solution to their needs, and work with our clients to develop an effective content strategy and sitemap.

We design calls to action along the journey that make it easy for each visitor to move towards their goal, using the science of colour, smartly written copy and many other skills.

When the website is live we use tools to measure whether the visitors are following the journeys we've designed or getting lost along the way. That intelligence helps us to work with our clients to develop, refine and improve their sites and maximise their return on investment.

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Bespoke CMS

Storm12's bespoke CMS (content management system) is tailored for your site and your site only. It's super easy to use and because we'll build it just for you, there's no confusing jargon or terminology, or complex, wasted functionality that you'll never use.

Our CMS allows you to create multiple administrators and assign specific tasks to them. You can outsource your blog posts to your copywriter while keeping the overall page structure within your control. If you need an approval mechanism for changes that your team makes, that's no problem.

You can easily crop images for their specific usage, format text in modern WYSIWYG text editors, and enjoy other time-saving features such as drag and drop pages to change the menu order and hierarchy.

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Fully optimised

Our detailed knowledge of Google Analytics and its search algorithms enables us to deliver websites that are optimised for the best performance. Before we go live, we test our development sites for browser compatibility, accessibility, page speed, mobile usability and code accuracy. We are constantly monitoring and developing better practices for optimisation, so even if we built your website 10 years ago, we'll give you advice and can offer support to increase its performance.

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Since we custom-code all of our sites we routinely integrate websites with all sorts of other platforms to save our clients time and money.

We've integrated systems like SharpSpring, SageCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Hubspot etc. so websites send visitor information straight to our clients' CRM systems.

We've built ecommerce websites that take payments via Paypal, WorldPay, Stripe, Handepay, Lloyds Bank etc.

We've developed unique interfaces with back-end membership databases, stock management systems and so on.

If your system has an API, we can connect to it!

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Building responsive sites

Having a responsive website is essential. By analysing your visitor statistics before starting the design process we can ensure your website's user interface is optimised for your visitors' most popular devices. For example, if you have 90% of your users viewing your site on a mobile device, it makes sense to start there.

Mobile or desktop may be the starting point but we think about how content will be presented across all devices and then when we build your site, we develop and test thoroughly how everything works at every stage, so you can be safe in the knowledge that it will work no matter what device or browser your visitors are using.

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