Sales and Marketing Automation Services

Sales and Marketing Automation Services

It is essential to ensure that sales and marketing efforts are integrated today. This is due to the complex and ever-changing marketing landscape. Both of these efforts must work together and show clear results.

Marketing used to be about broadcasting a message to the world. Now, automated marketing technology allows you to be more specific and to monitor the impact you're having. We are able to profile our audience and segment them into personas like never before.

We can deliver tailored messages to each customer using marketing automation tools. We can also adapt content of emails, websites, landing pages, and calls to action to their buying behaviours. This way, we can create customised campaigns that meet their individual needs.

You should aim to design a marketing program that treats each person as unique. This will enable you to address their needs at the optimal time and convert them from contacts to customers.

Storm12 offers a range of marketing automation services.

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Sales pipeline

One of the benefits of marketing automation is being able to automate parts of your sales pipeline and its processes, giving you time to add more leads to the top of your funnel.

Automation features allow us to drive revenue by allowing us to treat every lead as an individual. It means we give leads the information they want, and offers them a more bespoke customer journey.

With an automation solution as part of your marketing toolkit, we can notify sales when leads do something important so that they can follow up whilst the prospect is showing intent - you can see this information in real time, and act on it.

The flip side - and the more common approach when sales and marketing are disjointed - is the marketing team sees a prospect engage and has to pass that insight on manually to the sales team. 

By bringing your sales and marketing tactics together, you can be ready to turn a lead into a sale at any moment and move leads down the funnel and closer to the point of conversion. This way, you can maximise returns on your lead nurturing strategies.

Marketing activity

We know that we need to adopt multi-channel marketing tactics - after all, fishing in more pool can bring in more fish. However, using multiple marketing strategies simultaneously can have complexities. 

Running multiple marketing campaigns at once is not always possible. This is because some people lack the time to create tailored marketing strategies for different audiences. But what if you were able to use marketing automation software to personalise campaigns?

We find that small businesses sometimes only concentrate on a couple of available channels - from both a time and cost perspective. However, digital marketing is no longer just about email. We help clients create, deploy and measure their marketing activity across numerous channels with one automation platform. 

This means you can run your marketing activities from a central hub, making a better use of your time and resources. You can design and develop an end-to-end marketing campaign, and analyse its effectiveness, all under one roof. 

Email campaigns

Being able to design, build and analyse email marketing campaigns is a key feature of marketing automation platforms. They are a cost-effective way to reach large audiences and a good way to free up your valuable marketing resources.

The industry standard has shifted from broadcast email to personalised nurturing. We design and build email campaigns for clients looking for effective lead nurturing down their sales funnels.

We can provide relevant and helpful content at the right stage of their buying journey. We can pre-design a staged campaign to deliver your killer content at precisely the moment someone demonstrates interest in it. This increases their likelihood of conversion.

Email campaigns are a crucial element in delivering a positive customer experience. Research suggests that consumers are four times more likely to respond to email content which is personalised. Marketing automation software allows us to personalise email campaigns based upon the persona, buying characteristics and interests of each recipient. This means you deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

Email campaigns are more trackable than before. However, open rates are no longer as reliable a marketing metric as they used to be. We need to look at recency of engagement and actual clicks on our content, not just that the email was opened.

We can build reactive triggers into your campaigns. As prospects move along the funnel, we can keep them engaged without needing additional resource from your marketing team. That's got to be a good thing, right?

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A/B Testing

Also known as split testing, A/B testing is a marketing process which compares two versions of a marketing message or piece of campaign creative in order to see which performs the best.

When looking at how your marketing efforts are performing, A/B testing can be a crucial tool to understand whether a certain approach is more effective for your target audience. We create two different versions of a message and then deploy them in emails, on website landing pages or in creative advertising - one each to a pre-defined segment of your prospects or customers.

We can then track, measure and analyse the performance of each version using metrics including click-through rates, enquiry submissions, site traffic and engagement with calls to action.

The information we learn from A/B tests is used to optimise creative design, messaging and executions for future campaigns. As it's based on evidence, we can base future decision making for your marketing campaigns on data, not assumptions. This means your customers get a better experience engaging with your brand, and your marketing is more effective.

Landing pages

Landing pages are an important part of any marketing automation toolkit. They allow us to design and build highly targeted, personalised and relevant content to prospects and customers. They are a key part of lead the generation strategies we design for our clients.

High converting landing pages push visitors to a form-fill, button click or download which marks them out as engaged. Your sales team can then follow up with the lead, knowing they are demonstrating intent or interest.

We build focused landing pages for clients looking to convert prospects into leads. We do this by creating attractive, journey-based user experiences designed to move website visitors towards a call to action.

Another way we use landing pages as part of marketing automation strategies for our clients is to incorporate A/B testing. This means we can take two different designs, messages and calls to action and compare how leads engage with them. By measuring their effectiveness, we can learn and adapt what your customers interact with most.

Optimising campaign landing pages make them more likely to convert prospects into leads and generate a return on your marketing investment.


User tracking

We implement user tracking techniques in order to monitor the behaviour of visitors to your website. We then take this information and use it to personalise content to make it more relevant to a lead's onward journey.

If we deliver content a lead wants to see at the right time, it increases the chances they will take the action we want. Tracking user behaviour over time allows us to build insights and profile your audience. This means we can tailor campaign delivery to their needs, and place calls to action in the places most likely to generate engagement.

Tracking how leads interact with your content and campaigns over time means you can make educated decisions about which channels are delivering business and which are not. You can then streamline your marketing spend and focus on channels offering stronger returns.

With marketing automation software, we are able to analyse your audience's behaviour and make recommendations to update your strategy on an ongoing basis. This means you get stronger, more targeted and personalised messaging delivered straight to your prospects.


Lead scoring

An important component of our strategic approach to marketing automation for our clients is lead scoring. It's a tool which allows us to assign points-based value to leads as they engage. Being able to prioritise your hottest leads increases the likelihood of turning prospects into customers.

We create point-scoring metrics for events including email interactions, visits to important website pages and media views. Leads amass points as they engage with marketing material. When a threshold is met indicating they are likely to purchase or convert, we pass the information to sales teams to follow up.

Lead scoring is also very valuable information because it provides evidence of which materials are engaged with most. It also means we are able to personalise marketing messages according to the requirements of persona groups within your audience. Add these together and we can create effective campaigns and content to meet your target's needs.

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