2024 Trends to Watch

11th Dec 2023

2024 Trends to Watch

Every year we see dozens of new trends in all sorts of different sectors and industries. We’ve been keeping an eye on the predicted emerging trends for 2024 in marketing, web and graphic design and have put together a list of the ones we are most intrigued by and/or excited about.

2024 Marketing Trends 


GEN AI (Generative Artificial Intelligence) 


In 2024, the integration of AI in marketing is set to skyrocket, with 80% of creative professionals expected to leverage GenAI daily (Gartner, 2023). This will create strategic efficiency by aiding in productivity and creativity. 


Marketers are surprisingly enthusiastic, with 67% feeling positive about Gen AI's potential (Kantar, 2023). 2024 will see a landscape where AI fosters creativity, innovation, and personalised content at scale. As the industry embraces synthetic media planning, mastering AI measurement approaches will be crucial to navigate the competitive world of content. But this rise in AI generated content could also have a negative impact on marketers by reducing the need for businesses to outsource work to marketing agencies, copywriters and content creators. 


We’ve been hearing about AI generated images for a while and wanted to give it a go! We’ve used the Magic Media feature on Canva to create AI generated illustrations for this blog post. Although we don’t recommend you use it to create photos of people (it’s a bit unnerving) it’s pretty impressive especially considering that it’s free! 


(Images created using Canva's Magic Media)




In the contemporary marketplace, consumers crave personalised experiences. Brands, armed with huge amounts of specific data from diverse touchpoints like social media, websites and physical stores, can leverage these insights using sophisticated analytics. The outcome? Hyper-personalised marketing strategies that tailor content, product recommendations, and advertisements to individual consumers. 


With the continuous evolution of big data technologies and machine learning algorithms, this trend is ready to develop further, quickly rendering mass marketing strategies obsolete.


(Images created using Canva's Magic Media)


2024 Website Trends 


Video Backgrounds 


There has definitely been a move towards videos and animations being used as web page backgrounds. This creates a dynamic, immersive and interactive browsing experience for users, and also looks great for the brand. Also, faster Wi-Fi and loading times have meant that things like video backgrounds on web pages are now possible and can work really well. It may well be the start of a new, more interactive era of web design.


(Images created using Canva's Magic Media)




The era of mobile and social media has meant that screens and attention spans have reduced quite considerably. This has sparked the trend of minimalism for websites and online content. Although the full message of the website remains robust, the designs are becoming far more streamlined, simplistic and easy to follow. Designers are now saying more with less, and this allows users to enjoy a streamlined and efficient browsing experience. 


(Images created using Canva's Magic Media)


2024 Graphic Design Trends 


Bold Minimalism 


Linking closely to the Simplicity website trend, graphic design will be seeing a ‘bold minimalism’ trend. The ‘less is more’ and ‘function-over-style’ ideas have been gaining traction recently, not only in graphic design, but in digital marketing and web design too. 


Minimalism is timeless and classic and will likely never go out of style. A minimalistic approach ensures every element has a strong purpose and is 100% needed, whilst everything unnecessary is removed. Minimalist designs are characterised by clean lines, white space and an uncluttered, simplistic look. Not only does this design trend look good, it also allows for efficient, easy reading and communication. The ‘bold’ aspect of this trend means designs still stand out and convey a message or illustration clearly. They’re bold enough for people to notice, whilst staying minimal by not having too much going on. 


(Images created using Canva's Magic Media)


Unique Brand Illustrations 


This design trend signifies a transition from clichéd, generic stock visuals and emphasises the impact of personalised and distinctive imagery. Brands are now creating unique illustrations that not only reflect their values and personality but also form a more genuine and relatable connection with their audience. These bespoke illustrations are versatile across various platforms, providing consistency across the brand's entire visual identity, from websites to social media, and from packaging to advertising.


This trend goes hand in hand with the trend of storytelling, which is being used more and more in sectors such as marketing. Unique brand illustrations also give businesses the opportunity to show their individuality, identity and prove that they stand out against competitors. 


(Images created using Canva's Magic Media) 



There are so many trends to look forward to in 2024 which made it fairly difficult to narrow it down to our favourites.


Clearly, the year to come is looking very exciting and filled with so many opportunities to grow and succeed. Here at Storm12 we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us and for our clients! 




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