Is It Time For A Rebrand?

11th Oct 2018

Is It Time For A Rebrand?

Your brand is so much more than just your logo. It's also the touch points where your customers meet your business, your website, the way staff communicate and the social media platforms that you use (just to name a few). Because of this, the prospect of a rebrand can seem intimidating. However, it can be totally transformative too, in terms of both impact and results. But rebranding is not to be undertaken lightly - there are some very obvious signs that it might be time to consider this as an option.

1. Your brand strategy has shifted

Whether you're repositioning the business, looking to capture a different audience or shifting your goals for market share, it may be difficult to do this with the old branding in tow. A rebrand could provide the bridge between where the brand is now and where your strategy is designed to take it.


2. The business structure has changed

Perhaps you're post-merger or you've just been through a considerable restructure, a rebrand provides a fresh start and an opportunity to create a new narrative.


3. Business is booming

If you've recently gone through a period of significant growth then there may be opportunities or markets that are being missed as a result of out of date branding. Many organisations find that they have outgrown existing branding if the business experiences rapid expansion and this is a great time to rethink branding messages and vision.


4. Your product focus is changing

Old branding may have been developed specifically for the products or services that the business first began with. If those have now changed then a rebrand will be essential in ensuring that the branding reflects the changes that have taken place within the business itself.


5. The branding feels out of date

It may be that you've had your existing branding for years and it doesn't have the fresh and up to the minute feel of your competitors. Or you may have had limited funds for an initial investment in branding so that what you're currently working with is lower quality or limited in terms of what the business really deserves in its current incarnation.


6. Your branding isn't distinctive enough

Are your customers often confused between your business and a close competitor? Branding that is too similar to what others are using can make it difficult to differentiate yourself. If what you're currently working with just doesn't make the business stand out then it could be time for a change.


7. You want to reflect a more tech-savvy evolution

Maybe you're now a fully online business, or you're integrating technology in new and exciting ways. A rebrand can be used to help weave this into your messaging so that you're achieving the right kind of brand perception.


If a rebrand is something your business could benefit from, we can help you. Get in touch with us today.

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