Video Marketing Tips

4th Jan 2019

Video Marketing Tips

Consumers love video. Over the past year it's become apparent that it's one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers. That's why, in 2019, the use of video to drive e-commerce sales is going to become increasingly widespread (more so than last year if you can believe it). But how can you refine what you produce to ensure that your video marketing is effective?

1.    Create your own content - view it as an investment

Dedicating resources to producing great quality video content will reap rewards. A video can be much more effective than written content when it comes to selling products and tends to be more shareable. Plus, if you're creating your own content then you're establishing a profile on YouTube, which is the world's second largest search engine.


2.    Be clear and direct

Remember that many people watch videos with the sound off so captions may be essential. It's also wise to get straight to the point and avoid preamble, as you only have a limited amount of time in which to engage with your viewer.


3.    Integrate customer content

This could be reviews or testimonials, depending on what you have available. Including what your real customers think about your products or services can be incredibly effective when it comes to converting video marketing into e-commerce sales. It establishes authenticity and trust and taps into the current consumer trend for checking reviews before making purchases.


4.    Be a storyteller

As more and more brands start to engage with video marketing the quality of what's out there is increasing significantly. Today, effective videos must have a story that engages that viewer in the message. Without this hook it's all too easy to get lost in the sea of content that can feel overwhelming to consumers trying to navigate it. Make sure your videos stand out by using them to tell a story.


5.    Use video for product display

It's often difficult for customers buying online to get a real sense of the product that they are interested in. However, the use of 360-degree video can provide that essential missing visual data. If you want to see an increase in e-commerce sales this year then using video as part of the information you provide for each product could be essential.


6.    Remember to make it mobile responsive

More and more consumers today are viewing videos on mobile devices. This creates real opportunities for brands to reach out to connect with customers and potential customers using video content, as long as it has been designed for mobile.


7.    "How to" videos can help to drive sales

Customers are increasingly expressing a preference for watching, rather than reading, product information - including how to use/make/apply etc. Creating "how to" videos for your brand can generate the engagement that drives sales. The key is to ensure that these videos are genuinely useful and don't appear too much like advertising.


Video marketing is a driving force in increasing e-commerce sales when it is effectively used. These tips can help you to make better use of video content to drive conversions and nurture growth.

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