What To Do When Completely Rebranding

19th Jul 2018

What To Do When Completely Rebranding

The process of rebranding is involved, time consuming and may be the trigger for a lot of change. It could also be the springboard that launches your business to another level. Effective branding is fundamental to bottom line success and so, in spite of the challenges of a rebrand, it is always a process worth doing. Make sure it's smooth sailing by following these tips:


1. Get back to basics

Why are you rebranding? No one does this just for fun (trust me) but it's important to identify the key drivers behind rebranding your business. Are you launching a new range, looking to connect with a different audience or in need of some new messaging? Before you start the process, think about why your current branding may not have worked - ask old or existing customers what they think and even take a look at your successful competitors (if you have any) to spot the difference.


2. Ask your employees what they think

Getting employees involved can be incredibly valuable. You may find they have a prized input, since they have been on the front line of your branding for some time. You'll also avoid the situation of employees feeling left out and reluctant to put the time and energy into making the rebrand fruitful.


3. Look at what you might keep

Once you've done a little research into what didn't work about your existing brand you might realise that there are some elements that are worth keeping. You don't have to shed everything when you're going through a rebrand. In fact, some elements of the existing brand could be a useful starting point for what happens next - and may help to preserve a sense of continuity.


4. Go forward with a plan

Don't start rebranding without an idea of how you want the rebrand to progress - this is a top tip for any business with this process in mind. What are you going to need to develop the new brand identity (e.g. logo, website, etc.) and what is the course you're planning to go through to unveil the new brand to your customers and competitors? Get yourself a structured plan to work through, including a timeline and idea of what the finished branding will look like.


5. Humanise your brand

Corporate brands often feel soulless and people find it difficult to engage with this kind of branding, especially today when it's all about authenticity and personalisation. So, when you're rebranding give some thought to what might make your brand a little more human and a give it relatable voice.


6. People don't like change

If you rebrand, you'll always have a few people who just aren't keen and I'm afraid you'll have to deal with that. If the rebrand is true to your values and objectives then it will surely work for your target audience.


7. Make sure you new branding is everywhere

Make use the time and effort that has gone into rebranding by ensuring that it's used across all assets and platforms, from the website and social media to email signature, business cards and advertising.


8. Go for fanfare

Celebrate the rebrand with a launch so that people take notice. Start with an internal launch that celebrates the work within the business and makes employees feel special. Then, pull out the big guns and opt for an external launch with the goal of getting attention from media, industry and bloggers.


9. Hire us

Why not? We can help you to navigate the rebranding process effortlessly. Just look at Mezzanine, SHW and Jones & Tomlin if you doubt us.

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