How To Brief An Agency On A New Project

16th Aug 2016

How To Brief An Agency On A New Project

Briefing = giving your agency a correct and detailed creative brief is fundamental to the success of any project or campaign. It will ensure that the project can be budgeted effectively, that you receive an accurate creative interpretation and therefore better results all-round. Don't feel like you need to be a slave to the keyboard either - simply invite your agency in to ask the right questions and then get them to write the brief for you. All you have to do is approve it. We adopt this approach and it makes our clients' lives much easier.

A few pointers on briefing include:


Give context

Provide background to the challenge first. It's so important that we understand the bigger picture and how the project dovetails to support the end-game.


Tell us your objectives

Why is the project important and how will we collaboratively measure the success of the project? It's common to have more than one objectives but prioritising them is key.


The target

We must understand who we're trying to engage with and what their needs are. This enables us to speak in their language and identify with them.


What are their job titles? How old are they? What do they like doing at work and at home? Are there any industry nuances that they may engage with? Is there a gender bias? Is there any research or industry insight that may help? These are all important questions when briefing creative.


Tone & Message

Once we have a solid understanding of the audience groups, we can start to create an effective message framework that has the right tone of voice and an attractive yet relevant call to action or response mechanism.



Simply - what do you want? It's an easy one to forget but sometimes a clear list of what you need really does help.


Budget and timescales

A budget indication from the outset can be a great help in terms of delivering appropriate solutions - whether it's an integrated campaign, branding or website project.

So there we have it. A few handy hints to bear in mind the next time you put together a project brief.

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