Does Your Company Website Need A Custom CMS?

2nd Nov 2018

Does Your Company Website Need A Custom CMS?

Whether your business might benefit from a custom CMS or a pre-made CMS depends a lot on what stage of growth the company is at and what your goals are. For enterprises with modest growth plans a custom CMS may not be a wise investment - instead those resources could be directed towards SEO or website design. However, for those businesses keen to grow, with ambitious targets in mind, a custom CMS could hold the key to improving functionality, integration and performance - and, ultimately, results.

What's the difference between custom and pre-made CMS?


A custom CMS is a proprietary system that has been tailor-made for an individual site. A pre-made CMS is off the shelf - it doesn't offer much opportunity for customisation but provides effective basic infrastructure that is cost effective. A pre-made CMS is often an ideal solution for a business in the early stages, or where there is limited ecommerce functionality and no high performance goals. However, as soon as the enterprise moves beyond this stage a custom CMS can offer a number of key advantages.


The advantages of a custom CMS -


  • A site that is perfectly tailored to your business

 When using a pre-made CMS you are effectively buying into an infrastructure that prioritises what others identify as important. With a custom CMS you're able to define the priorities for yourself, focusing on the needs and workflow that are particular to your business and not what someone else thinks should matter most.


  • A CMS tailored to individual SEO strategy

Search Engine Optimisation has a crucial role to play in the success of any website but the combination of plug-ins and URL structures in some pre-made CMSs may make them unsuitable for a certain type of site. The only way to ensure that your CMS is fully tailored to your SEO strategy is with a custom CMS to support it.


  • A higher performance website

When the CMS is custom made it fits the website at every curve - unlike a pre-made CMS where there will be parts that just aren't a good fit. The support of a custom CMS enables high performance and extensibility, much more so than an off the shelf CMS could ever offer.


  • Easier integration

The likelihood is that a CMS will need to integrate with other business systems, such as those that govern back office processes. With a custom CMS this can be factored into the design to improve efficiency and performance.


  • A superior user experience

When your CMS is specifically designed for purpose the consequence is always going to be a better result for end users. With a tailor-made CMS, the level of throughput and bespoke design enables delivery of content-rich and relevant results to users, considerably enhancing their experience and effectiveness.


Unless you are a very small business with limited - or no - ambition to grow there are many advantages to investing in a custom CMS. From performance to user experience, it simply delivers better results.

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