The Come Back Of Direct Mail

19th May 2017

The Come Back Of Direct Mail

We're seeing a resurgence in tangible direct mail so here's my take on the reasons why.

  1. Previously, direct mail campaigns consisted of nothing more than a few design options and a choice between format, paper and print finishes. However, today there are more options than ever before, where marketers can personalise each piece, integrate dedicated landing pages with unique URLs, QR codes and accurately track responses.
  2. Emails are reaching (or have already reached) saturation point. If you're anything like me, you skim read your emails first thing and trash anything that's not relevant. Unless you know the recipient, emails are becoming less and less effective as we just don't have the time or headspace for them.
  3. Clients seem to be more focussed on who they're targeting which enables us to create small but highly targeted campaigns with a structured plan.
  4. With direct mail, there's more opportunity for creative cut-through with impactful, clever and memorable tangible objects which grab the attention of the recipient. They can also create an emotive response, triggering memories and a general 'feel good factor'.


We've focussed on highly targeted direct mail campaigns as part of our marketing strategy and typically generate a 10-15% conversion rate to appointments.


Bear in mind that we're a creative agency with creative people that like to show off too, so for us, there's no better way to grab attention. So a question...are you standing out with your campaigns?

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