Why Your Business Needs Creativity

9th Jan 2020

Why Your Business Needs Creativity

Marketing is driven by results. A successful campaign is determined by a successful outcome. It's driven by data and hard metrics. You'll find that a lot of marketing campaigns within certain sectors are very similar - this is purely because what works well will be replicated amongst competitors. Sometimes, better marketing opportunities can come from taking a different path. Data and research can give us some good information, but it cannot give us innovation. This is when creativity comes into play.

Creativity can be a clever way to outwit and surpass your competitors. You can still remain relevant and in-keeping with your audience, but a stronger focus on creativity never hurt anyone. Stand out and be different - you never know, you could capture more than just your target audience with the right amount of creativity.


If you're looking for evidence to back this up, there's plenty of it out there - those who use a bit of creativity in their campaigns outperform those who don't, and achieved an impressive 47% uplift in sales than, say, merely targeting your audience.


There are plenty of real world examples out there too - Tourism Australia's 'Dundee' is the perfect case for adding more creativity to your campaign. Up against the brash and outlandishly expensive Super Bowl ads in 2018 (all stereotypical for Super Bowl), this advert was one not to miss. Under the guise of a film trailer with an all-star cast of Australia's finest (plus Danny McBride), agency Droga5 and Tourism Australia were actually advertising the country itself as a holiday destination to the American audience. It was something that hadn't been done before and left many bitterly disappointed that there wasn't actually going to be a film (there was even a petition), but it achieved its goal and increased American tourism to Australia by 11.9%. Plus, with all the celebrities they used, it made it pretty memorable too.


You need creativity more than ever in today's day and age. Think of all the marketing campaigns that have gone viral - the reason they did so is because of the creative brains behind them. A unique, original idea done well will generate more buzz around your campaign. Give your audience something to experience or to talk about, and get them to spread your message amongst their peers for you. Like our Head of Creative Paul Mellon says, "how do you expect someone to engage if it doesn't look nice?"


The perfect creative recipe for a great marketing campaign includes diversity, a little strategy, a bucketful of originality and finally, data. I know it seems like it doesn't fit, but by combining creativity with data, you can actually increase the impact you will have on your audience. Pairing the two together means you can successfully monitor the effectiveness of your new creative take on your marketing, and take subjectivity out of it (after all, everyone has a different opinion, and you don't want any negative opinions about your creative marketing from your colleagues to influence you).  


Matt Saunders, our Managing Director, reveals that creative cut-through is fundamental in order to engage and captivate. He would encourage you to adopt a common sense approach with a set of simple questions:

  • Who are you targeting?

  • What's the key proposition?

  • What's the call to action/next step? 

  • How many touch points are planned? 

  • And what is going to get attention? 


Once you have the answers to these questions, it should allow you to develop an effective campaign that will generate the desired outcome and stand you apart from your competitors.


So, lead the pack and don't be a sheep (and all those clichés) when it comes to creativity in your marketing. Be bold and brave, and your results should be better than expected.

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