Effective brochure design

31st Aug 2018

Effective brochure design

Brochures bring a tangible luxury to product marketing. They are very effective way to deliver key information, communicate quality, and provide a take away that customers can easily refer back to. Efficient brochure design involves a number of different elements that range from the way the brochure is put together to the materials used.

Strong images are key

A brochure is a very visual tool, and so the images you choose will have a big role to play in how effective it is. Stock images can be acceptable by the best brochures have high quality photos that are unique to the business and reflect its individual qualities and brand values. Basic image faults, such as red eye or blurring, should be avoided at all costs. It's often worth investing in a professional photographer to take the photos so that people or products are displayed in the best light and from the best angles. If you're keen to do this yourself, think about the composition of the image, how to make photos feel more 3D and making sure the quality is there.


Unique layout = authenticity

  • Your brochure should read logically - a customer picking up the brochure should naturally follow the story you want to create with it. Avoid jumping around and confusing readers with images, CTAs or text in the wrong place. 
  • The physical design of the brochure can add to its impact - you may opt for a traditional, slick booklet type design or you could be keen to invest in something more likely to stand out with various folding features. 
  • Consider your business branding for the brochure design - yf you want the brochure to feel consistent with your wider branding, then you'll need to integrate this into the fonts and colours that you use.
  • Establish the font and colour scheme early on - avoid a situation where colours are being altered right up to the last minute and finalise this as soon as possible. if you're not using the same font and colours as your branding, then play around with the options unitl you find those that are complimentary. 


Written content is essential

Even if your business is very visual, you will still need some written content in the brochure and it must be effective. It's very important to keep the content concise so that the point of the brochure is quickly communicated. Make sure the text is informative but doesn't give everything away - the idea is to spark interest that leads to further contact.


Finishing the brochure 

Both the stock and the print techniques you use to produce a brochure will have an influence on the overall impact of the design. You don't need to necessarily need to opt for a luxury silk finish stock, but the feel of the paper in the customer's hands will contribute to the final impression the brochure makes. Print technique also adds to the finished feel - opting for something like LED UV printing, for example, can ensure that the colours are bright, the process is quick and the brochure is blemish free.


Time spent on design will make your brochure a highly effective marketing tool for your business. Get in touch with Storm12 today to find out more.

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