How Embossed Designs Can Be Use To Promote Your Brand

15th Mar 2019

How Embossed Designs Can Be Use To Promote Your Brand

Embossing has a long and rich history in design. It dates back to the 15th century and has always been a great way to create something unique and distinctive. Embossed designs have a practical purpose and can also help your printed products to stand out from the crowd - if you're looking for an authentic and unique way to promote your brand, embossed designs are well worth considering.

What are embossed designs?

Embossing is a technique that involves putting pressure on paper or card with metal dies in order to create a three dimensional image. The dies are placed on either side of the paper or card and heat and pressure are applied to create the raised, embossed finish. There is a lot of flexibility in embossed design, as the raised shape can be tailored to specific individual requirements. This technique has a number of different variants, including blind embossing and multi-level embossing, which creates textures through raising a design to multiple levels.


The flexibility of embossing means that you can apply it to anything to produce a distinctive finish to support your branding. Some of the most popular uses of embossing for brands include:


  • Business cards

Despite the rise in social networking, business cards still have a key role to play as a marketing tool for any business. Embossed designs are a simple way to bring something creative to business cards, while ensuring a professional look and finish. Embossed business cards convey superior quality and tend to stand out from those that use regular printing techniques. They not only look great but also have a distinctive feel. The best way to use embossing with business cards is to keep the design simple but unique.


  • Promotional materials

The goal of promotional materials, such as brochures and leaflets, is always to get people to engage with the content. The biggest challenge is often that, once handed a brochure or leaflet, many people will simply put it aside without reading it. Embossing helps to create a feeling of value that encourages engagement. People are much less likely to throw out an embossed brochure or leaflet without looking at the contents first because it feels high quality and like it may have something key to offer. It's a simple but crucial way to make your promotional materials more effective.


  • Invites

From wedding invitations through to invites to corporate events, there is no doubt that an embossed design delivers gravitas. Invitations should always reflect the uniqueness and quality of the event and using embossing is an easy way to do this. Embossed invites are not overly attention seeking but have that distinctive look and feel that will leave people intrigued about the event itself.


Embossed design is not a new printing technique but it's one that remains popular thanks to its uniqueness and the fact that it is always seen as an indicator of quality. It's a great way to bring something unusual to your printed materials.

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