Bringing Digital And Physical Marketing Together

14th Dec 2018

Bringing Digital And Physical Marketing Together

The opportunities for advertising are much broader today than they have ever been. Thanks to the explosion in digital technology, there are now options for marketing and advertising to suit every budget and any type of brand. When combined with offline resources, this new swathe of opportunities makes it possible for brands to create a comprehensive strategy for development and growth.

The importance of developing your brand

Given the very wide range of channels through which consumers can be reached today, it's essential to have a well defined brand at the heart of any advertising efforts, whether offline or on. This is the source from which all decisions that relate to advertising and marketing originate. Developing a brand means creating an identity that will ensure that your values and vision are consistently represented to consumers across all channels. This begins by defining the product and could also include:


  • Understanding where to position your brand using methods such as competitive analysis and target market insights.
  • Generating creative vision for the brand based on the demographics and cultural influences of your audience.
  • Continually evolving new concepts and ideas by incorporating feedback and analysis.
  • Carrying out market research to provide a foundation for audience understanding.


Combining online and offline advertising

Once you have a firm sense of brand identity, who your audience is and what product you are keen to sell to them, you have a sound basis from which to begin investing in advertising. Online and offline advertising could include a combination of any, or all, of the following:


Organic SEO

This is, effectively, honing the content of your website so that it ranks higher in search results without any paid for assistance. Achieving impressive rankings on search engines requires a combination of high quality content and effective use of keywords. To really see the benefits of organic SEO your website needs to be appearing at the top of the search results - that may require the input of digital marketing specialists, at least at first.



Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are a smart way to establish your online brand presence and reach new customers. This type of targeted advertising makes immediate impact and enables significant brand exposure. You will only pay when someone clicks on an ad - and not if they don't - and ROI on PPC is easily measurable.


Events and workshops

Although digital marketing can be very effective, there is often nothing that makes an impact quite as much as being face-to-face. Events and workshops are incredibly useful where marketing is concerned, whether you're displaying products, enabling learning or introducing potential clients or customers to a team.


Flyers and posters

Particularly for local businesses looking to establish, or grow, a local customer base, flyers and posters are easy to make an impact with. Make sure the advertising is in line with your brand identity and that you target the right locations.


Promotions and deals

The use of deals and promotions is an easy way to link up your online and offline advertising and draw attention to the brand across all channels. Make sure the terms are clear and that the consequences are affordable for the brand.


With all the opportunities available today, combining online and offline advertising channels can deliver real results.


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