Creating A Video Content Strategy

27th Feb 2019

Creating A Video Content Strategy

Video content is crucial in marketing strategy this year. There are countless statistics to support and illustrate just how important this type of content has become. If you're looking to make an impact on social media, then video content is a must - it has 135% greater organic reach on Facebook than static image posts. However, the video content that is right for one brand may not work for another - the key is a bespoke video content strategy that identifies the best way to use it to generate genuine ROI for your business. So, how do you create one?

Make video a priority

Whatever resources you allocated to video content last year, increase them this year. If leaders like Facebook and Apple are anything to go by, video content is where the bulk of investment should be made this year for any brand serious about increasing the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Don't be afraid to make video a priority when it comes to channelling marketing funds - it could be the best investment you ever made.


Plan to invest in a broader range of video content

There are so many different ways to use video to promote and sell, no matter what your industry. This type of content has value throughout the buyer's journey and there are a myriad of options available. For example:

  • Enhance user experience of your website with an explainer video to introduce your brand
  • Increase the potential for product sales by creating 'How To' videos for everything you sell
  • Generate more attention on social media with short, animated videos that people will want to share
  • Use FAQ videos to share information, not just about your brand but your products and the issues consumers face in your industry too


Leverage the investment you make

It's essential that your content strategy also identifies how you're going to leverage the video content that you're funnelling resources into creating. How are you going to ensure that your content reaches the target audience and are there any additional assets you can create from it?


Find a way to make your content unique

It's a good starting point to look at competitors, both to see what kind of content they are using and where they have had success. However, it's also important to find your own niche to make your content stand out. What topics or techniques will make your content unique and how can you use it to establish credibility with a target audience?


Humanise your brand - use storytelling

When you're creating video content strategy for 2019, build it around your brand story. Every business has a story - you don't need to be a charity or an exciting startup to have a compelling story to tell. Your history, your values, the obstacles your business has faced and the people within it could all have a part to play in creating a story that engages and sells.


A soound video marketing strategy will be worth its weight in gold in 2019. If you're looking to get more from your marketing spend this year, video is going to be essential. So get going.

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