Will Technology Change The Future Of Marketing?

22nd Apr 2016

Will Technology Change The Future Of Marketing?

We're busy driven professionals with minimal time to absorb new messages and information. Technology is being designed with this in mind - making information easily accessible and easy to digest.

Technology is making everything more visual. Mobile devices, wearable technology and digital signage on planes, trains and automobiles are all conveniently placed on a screen in front of our eyes. But they're not just traditional monitors, they're smart, cloud-connected screens constantly sending and receiving data.


What's more, screens can be intuitive and recognise our facial expressions, age and gender. They can be controlled by voice, with our phones or via a gesture. Media is becoming far more immersive and creative work needs to be more dynamic, adventurous and engaging. In the future will mobile ads move with our wrists to appear in 3D? What will adverts look like in virtual reality? The opportunities are mind blowing.


The data collected will be far more personal, supplying rich psychographic information. Wearables will even provide detailed information on our food intake and stress levels. This information is going to be used by brands to build a helpful relationship with consumers. However, are we ready for it? How much will we trust technology if it becomes even more embedded (possibly literally) within our everyday lives.

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