Marketing Trends 2024 - So Far and What's to Come

27th Jun 2024

Marketing Trends 2024 - So Far and What's to Come

Since our previous digital marketing trends blog post at the end of 2023, we have seen even more trends and changes cropping up in the world of marketing, and there are likely even more to come before the end of the year. Below we have summarised the biggest marketing trends of 2024 so far, as well as some that are predicted to materialise before 2025.

Trends we’ve seen so far this year:


1. AI Generated Content

In 2024, AI has proved to be a huge tool for marketers. For copywriting, imagery and even content inspiration and ideas, AI can be a great help when it comes to creating various types of digital content. 


2. Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencers with a smaller following, or ‘micro-influencers’, can be utilised by businesses wanting to market to a specific target audience, and therefore can get a higher ROI by investing in a smaller influencer.


3. User-Generated Content

By involving their audience in content creation, companies are enhancing their brand awareness and customer loyalty. User-generated content is seen as authentic and reliable because it’s coming from the audience and customers themselves. 


4. Socio-Economic Driven Marketing

As environmental concerns continue to stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds, companies are increasingly expected to not only showcase eco-friendly initiatives, but to actively support social causes and incorporate sustainable practices into every part of their business. 


5. Video Content 

We have seen this trend grow and consistently dominate marketing strategies in 2024. Short-form video, live streaming and interactive video formats are vital in effectively engaging with your audience and keeping their attention.



Trends we expect to see emerging and growing this year:

1. AI Marketing Automation: 

The use of AI tools such as chatbots and predictive analytics in marketing is expected to become far more prevalent this year. Integrating AI with marketing can revolutionise data analysis, customer personalisation and campaign performance.


2. Voice Search Optimisation 

Understanding voice search and incorporating voice search optimisation in your marketing will result in higher ranking in search results and will make your brand more discoverable by your audience. Think of it as SEO but with voice recognition. 


3. Employee Generated Content 

Consumers are enjoying employee generated content from businesses. This is a great way for an audience to get a real insight into a company, first-hand. For example, a day in the life of an employee working for a particular brand. 


4. Business Partnerships

Businesses partnering together to market themselves is expected to become another marketing trend in 2024. This is a great way to increase reach and brand awareness.


5. Profitable Growth 

Another predicted trend is that of profitable growth overtaking short term metrics within marketing. This means there will be a shift of focus from less important growth metrics to more valuable, long term sustainable growth.



Every year we see new and exciting trends in marketing, and with the emergence of AI and ever-growing social media marketing, the marketing world continues to develop and change. 


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