Should You Use Old Browsers?

31st Jan 2017

Should You Use Old Browsers?

Whilst modern techniques like CSS3 and HTML5 aren't available in IE8, the use of these techniques allows you to give the best user experience in modern browsers.

The question "Do we still need to support older browsers?" is quickly answered if you take a look at the browser stats according to


By 'older browsers' I actually mean IE9 and older and while it does support some CSS3 features, IE9 doesn't get updated any more. According to in May 2016, only 0.3% of website users did so with IE9 or older browsers, and it is still dropping.


These figures are obviously only a guide and don't reflect every website. Two of our highest volume sites (one corporate and one e-commerce) are showing about 1% of users use IE9 or older. When you factor in tailoring a site to this audience, potential ROI might decrease as you spend time customising the site for a minority audience.


Whilst we would never steer away from an "every visitor is a potential sale" attitude and we shouldn't stop them using the website, your the target audience should get priority. In my opinion, these browsers aren't up for today's websites and will prevent you from giving the visitor the best experience.


Something to think about when you brief your next web project.

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