Is Print Marketing Still Worth Doing?

28th Nov 2018

Is Print Marketing Still Worth Doing?

There's no doubt that digital marketing is something of an unstoppable force. However, it's not effective in isolation. Print marketing still has a significant role to play, even as the digital era continues to expand.

9 reasons why print marketing is still important


1. It's incredibly versatile

Digital can be limited by screen sizes and space available in your chosen outlet but print marketing can be created at any size or shape desired.


2. Print isn't as easily abandoned as digital

You're much less likely to put down a print product before you have leafed through to the end than you are to bounce from a digital page. As a result, print can be responsible for greater engagement and often results in better information retention.


3. Print establishes credibility

Almost anyone can do digital marketing but print marketing requires resources and expertise, which gives it more credibility. Or at least we think so.


4. Print as an asset

A brochure is an ideal example of print marketing at its best. Eye-catching, effective and versatile, the perfect brochure is a key marketing asset. If you're going to invest in creating brochures for your business then getting the design right is key.


5. Structure

Essentially the type of brochure you choose (for example, folding or booklet style) and the way that it is laid out and broken down into sections. It is also important to settle on a specific font and colour scheme as early as possible - make sure they work with your brand; see what makes up a brand an why it's important here.


6. Content

Words are incredibly important in print marketing, especially in brochures. Choose your words carefully and make sure that each one matters. Be concise and to the point but save something so the call to action makes the reader feel a desire to react to find out more.


7. Images

Visuals are equally as crucial, especially when it comes to quality. Distinctive, unique images will create a much better impression of your business than stock photos and generic visuals. A professional photographer is a good investment to add a real level of quality.


8. Stock

Choosing the right stock for a brochure taps into one of the major advantages of print marketing - its tangibility. There are a variety of different types of stock to choose from, including silk coated paper, uncoated paper and lux paper. Each one will contribute to the overall experience the reader has and the impression they form of your brand.


9. Printing

Professional printing ensures exceptionally sharp delivery that is essential to the effectiveness of your print marketing. Colours tend to be brighter and details more distinct when you have invested in professional printing for your business.


You don't have to look far to see businesses investing in print marketing - this medium is far from dead. The perfect brochure is a great marketing asset and one that will work in tandem with your digital efforts.

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