Website Vs Word Of Mouth

18th Apr 2018

Website Vs Word Of Mouth

It's funny how often I hear from professional service companies that they get more substantial business from referrals and word of mouth as opposed to people finding them through Google and social media. Subsequently, they don't value their online presence that much and so don't invest in their website.

But as well as word of mouth might work, many of these referrals do not take a detailed look at your website and so do not discover any more information about or the ethos of your company before making the call.


It's also more than likely that these same referrals compare your business against your competitors to double-check you are right for them, meaning they look at their websites the same way they should be looking at yours.


When it comes to professional services - and many B2B companies for that matter - credibility is only partly made up by the listing of your firm and it is increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from a raft of other experts who all seem to be offering the same thing.


The latter is where we help our clients the most.


The perception the user gets from visiting your website can be immensely powerful - not only at the start of the complex B2B sales cycle, but throughout. Designed well, it can create a single point of reference catering to the needs of your customer, their journey through your website and ultimately result in your desired call to action.


Another important area in which we help professional service providers is their brand design. Not just the logo but the style, the look and feel which best expresses who you are and the strategy you apply to your work, without having to say it. We offer support in ensuring that this is consistent throughout the customer's communication with your brand. Our process has continually been proven to be effective for complex B2B sales processes within the professional service industry, be it online or offline, with your strategy and identity at its core.


So a gentle last reminder; don't take for granted that all your referrals come direct to you - they go through your website, and there is every chance they may stop there! Even just a few little design improvements with our help can put you head and shoulders above your competitors and grab your target's attention.

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