Sticking to the facts

5th Jun 2017

Sticking to the facts

You might not have known, but Google now prioritises facts rather than just links.

An organic search is all about trust. 94% of search engine users are more likely to click on organic searches compared to a mere 6% who will opt for paid search results, say Search Engine Land.


Why? Organic searches are perceived to present high quality web pages. It's a more respected and trustworthy source.


Out of the many variables and to simplify a complex model, Google's search engine looks at the number of incoming links to a web page as a quality benchmark. This helps determine where it appears in the search results. An adverse effect of this model is that, if enough people link to them, websites full of inaccurate information can move up the rankings.


Google's geeks have revisited their model to focus more on the trustworthiness of a page. Sounds extremely complicated, but it's what their developers live for! They have developed a large store of knowledge ('Knowledge Vault') and reportedly gathered over 1.6 billion facts and scored them, according to Search Engine Watch. Web pages with misleading or inaccurate information will be bumped down the rankings.


Websites that add value to customers using useful and relevant facts, Q&A's and quality content will, not only, increase customer acquisition and conversion rates, but also increase their rankings in search results.

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