The importance of photo marketing

21st Feb 2020

The importance of photo marketing

In a world where everyone pushes videos down each other's throats, you would think that still images might be dead. Far from it. Photo marketing is just as important today as it was 10 years ago. In fact, there's a science behind why photo marketing works well. Imagery can not only increase the brain's processing ability and improve the understanding of a message, there are various studies backing up the fact that people remember more information when a photo is attached.

The importance of photo marketing can be simply condensed down to five simple reasons.



The human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to eight. Which means that it's becoming increasingly difficult to attract the attention of the general public. *Excellent* news for marketers. However, photos are the way forward. Think of billboards - nothing grabs the bystander's attention better than a 240in x 120in image.


Emotionally better

Humans are naturally emotional creatures (some more so than others). Anything that provokes a positive reaction that leads to a sale is beneficial for marketing. Luckily, photos are just the ticket. The image you use for your product promotion will reflect the emotion your audience should feel with your product. If you've got a candid image, even better - if it's taken 'in the moment', it makes it more natural and reflects genuine sentiment.


Professional image

An image that looks professional can give you credibility. Quite simply, if you're consistently producing excellent photography for your campaigns, it can build trust amongst your audience. It helps to assure a customer that if your marketing is of a high quality, then so are your products. People will feel confident in your brand and ultimately it might give you a confidence boost, knowing that you're presenting the company in the best way possible.


More engagement 

Everyone should know that including an image in a social media post or blog article will automatically increase your engagement. It's purely because our brains respond better to visuals rather than text. But it's not just for social media or blogs. Photos can also improve that little thing called SEO. Optimising your images can help you be found on image searches and perform better against general search results, which is always a plus.


Instant message

The old saying of 'a picture is worth 1,000 words' is not lost here. What can be a good couple of paragraphs of copy can just as effectively be shown in an image. As we have learnt above, nonverbal communication can sometimes be the best way to relay information to your customer. Frankly, images actually show your product, or the at least the benefits of it, instantly and without the faff of text.


One thing to mention is that just because you've got a 12MP camera in your back pocket, doesn't mean you're a professional photographer, no matter how many times you've used Portrait mode.


The cost of a good photographer doesn't have to equal all of the world's riches anymore, and will ensure that every photo they take can easily be recognised as belonging to your brand - giving you the positive ROI you're after. A photographer can elevate your images that step further than your marketing team with an iPhone 11.


It just goes to show that photo marketing can be a useful tool in campaigns - where video can't be used, still imagery shines. In a growing technological era, photography will always remain and will be a cornerstone of marketing.

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