Top 10 style for explainer videos

12th Feb 2019

Top 10 style for explainer videos

Explainer videos have become increasingly popular - and for good reason. 97% of companies say explainer videos help users exploring a website and attract attention on social media. So, what are the options when it comes to explainer video style?

1. 2D animation

Budget-friendly and easy to create, 2D animation explainer videos are very popular, expecially if you haven't designed one before. There are many different styles available and the simplicity of this type of explainer video ensures its shareability.


2. Screen capture

Another great option for businesses on a budget, screen capture essentially appears to be a video of a device screen. This makes it perfect for explaining how specific processes or systems work, e.g. software.


3. Graphic animation

This is the ideal option if you're dealing with any kind of complexity, whether that's an innovative new product or a service that is breaking new ground. The explaining is done via moving graphics, as opposed to still images or videos.


4. 3D animation

There's not a lot that you can't do with 3D animation. So, if you're looking for a really distinctive explainer video and you don't have budget constraints, the 3D animation option is a great possibility to explore.


5. Black and white presentation

This is essentially what you'd see if you were in the audience in front of someone giving a presentation on a whiteboard. It's an explainer video in which the viewer is essentially watching an idea or concept come to life, as if being drawn on the board. This option is simple but very effective. It also looks very professional and is ideal if you don't want colours or characters to detract from the message of the brand.


6. Humans and animation

Creating an explainer video that combines live action and animated graphic elements can be very engaging. This type of explainer video may work on the basis of video featuring humans to which animation is then later added. The graphic and human elements may interact or not. Not only are these videos very shareable and unique but they often serve to create deeper relationships between customers and brands too.


7. Drawn animation

It's not always the very modern looking explainer videos that gain the most traction. Drawn animation can be very successful too, whether it's digital or hand drawn. Ideas need to be simple but this type of explainer video is great for maintaining viewer attention.


8. Simple typography

If your message is one of statistics and data then there's no need to go for extravagant animation. A simple typography video will easily get the message across.


9. Infographic videos

This type of explainer video is essentially a step up from a simple typography video. Instead of relying purely on plain animated text, infographic videos provide different illustrations that can help to bring an idea or concept to life.


10. Stop motion graphics

The work that goes in to creating stop motion graphics - taking a series of shots of tiny movements to create a fluid motion effect - can be painstaking. However, the end results are unique and engaging, especially where there are characters involved.


Explainer vidoes are incredibly effective. Find the right style for your purposes and this type of content will be a great asset to your brand.

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