Why design with LED UV?

5th Feb 2019

Why design with LED UV?

LED UV is advanced printing technology that ensures any printed product stands out from the crowd. Luxurious finishes and bold colours deliver exceptional aesthetics that are hard to achieve with any other approach. If you're looking for high quality materials that will make a fantastic impression then it's worth designing with LED UV in mind.

A more eco-friendly strategy

If your business is going green or looking to take a more socially responsible approach to branding, LED UV makes this simple. As the process doesn't use solvents, it is instantly more environmentally sound. An LED UV is also more efficient and can produce better results with less power, reducing the overall impact of the printing process and helping to minimise CO2 emissions. For many organisations, switching to a more environmentally friendly process, such as LED UV, can make a big difference when it comes to sustainability goals.


Vivid, brighter colours

The key difference with LED UV is that the colours used don't sink into the materials being printed on. The result is much brighter and more vibrant colours that don't lose their appeal in the printing process. Whether you're printing photos or marketing materials such as brochures, the colours will be sharp, distinctive and impactful when design has LED UV in mind.


Speed and efficiency

LED UV is a unique and innovative technology that uses light, as opposed to heat, in the drying process. This means that turnaround times are much faster and delays can be avoided. It takes just a few seconds for the drying process to be completed, which means that even urgent jobs can be quickly turned around with the same standard of quality and finish.


Allowing for more creativity in the design process

The versatility of LED UV means that it's possible to be much more creative in terms of the materials that are used in design. Different stocks can be accommodated depending on the desired aesthetic, whether that's silk or uncoated paper. This enables the production of some really unique materials that can support branding and values in the most unique way. The inks of the LED UV can even be challenged with custom textures and embossed objects. There is no limit to the creativity you can express when you're working with this technology.


Consistency of finish

No matter how good-looking the design and how attention-grabbing the colours, if the quality of finish is not there then this can significantly degrade overall aesthetics. LED UV delivers the same consistently excellent finish every time.


Designing with quality in mind from the start

Working with LED UV guarantees a level of quality and this gets translated into the end result. The message that this sends to customers, consumers or potential leads is that quality is a foundation that runs through this entire brand.


There are many benefits to working with LED UV. Particularly where high quality and unique design are crucial, this technology is an essential part of the process.

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