Why is custom intranet design key to the future of the modern workplace?

11th Dec 2018

Why is custom intranet design key to the future of the modern workplace?

Today's workplace is a fluid, fast moving environment in which data and information exchanges, collaboration and seamless communication need to be accommodated. The ongoing drive towards innovation and high performance demands more of technology infrastructure and everything, from integrating AI to the use of more analytics across the business, can increase this pressure. A custom intranet design can help to improve efficiency and support better productivity, as well as a range of innovative working styles and agile structures.

Why is a custom intranet design becoming more essential?


High level security

Data stored within an intranet is likely to be highly sensitive and protecting it is much easier with a custom intranet design that can be created with the individual needs of the business in mind. It's also far simpler to ensure that the right user authorisation is in place, taking into account the structure of the business in terms of teams, people, locations and departments - and how this could change in the future.


Individually tailored design

Many off-the-shelf intranets are often built based on department-based subsites, which assumes each team works in isolation - simply not the case in most modern businesses. A custom intranet allows for a design that is individual, for example replacing the idea of department-based subsites with task-based information architecture.


One single, centralised location

A custom designed intranet can provide a single platform where a range of key tasks can be carried out, from content management to collaboration and social networking. It's much more efficient to have all of these elements in one place than for employees to be navigating to and from different platforms.


Integrating with other systems

A custom design ensures that the intranet you have can be integrated with other systems so that it's simple and fast for employees to use. Where integration is not possible the intranet can be designed with a single sign-on facility that will help employees navigate to where they need to be more quickly.


Swift scalability and deployment

When you're working with a custom intranet design, specifying it in the cloud means that it can be quickly deployed with minimum operational disruption. A cloud based intranet is also very simple to scale in response to business change that may require more, or less, capacity.


Enabling a more agile working environment

Mobility is the key to helping your business be more flexible and agile, now and in the future. A custom design intranet that is integrated, task-based and accessible by mobile means that, no matter where your employees are working from they still have access to the same data and systems.


Customisation to suit need

The needs of those using your intranet may evolve over time as better solutions become obvious or new requirements arise. The benefit of working with a custom design intranet is that it can be tailored to this evolving state as change happens - nothing is set in stone unless it needs to be.


A custom intranet design is key to the future of the modern workplace. It not only supports the business and its employees but could be a transformative influence too.  

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