Marketing strategy and digital performance

Marketing strategy and digital performance

We have been working with local design, manufacture and build company Bakers Garden Buildings for many years. Since opening the business as Bakers Timber Buildings in 1985, they have completed over 19,000 garden building projects for clients across the South East, and beyond.

A family-run and independent business, Bakers continues to marry craft and quality with cutting edge technology to deliver outstanding results for their clients.

Bakers' inspiring designs and unique solutions for zero maintenance garden buildings have helped people to reimagine how they can use their outdoor space, from gyms and offices, to music rooms and chillout spaces. With a full service offering from planning advice, groundwork, plumbing and electrics through to the latest in lighting and app-controlled features, Bakers offer clients the complete package from an initial consultation to handing over the keys.

Bakers help and advise clients to produce beautiful design statements in their gardens with sleek and sophisticated buildings, built to express their own individual style.


As the business has evolved over the last few years, it became more apparent that the previous name did not reflect its products and services. So, they approached us for a new name and brand.

Bakers Garden Buildings more accurately describes the products and manufacturing processes involved in the company's offering as the amount of timber used is a fraction of that of past buildings. In the last year, less than 5% of buildings included 'timber cladding', so the business decided to rebrand with a subtle name change, but a complete new look.

Managing Director, Martin Baker, explains that the decision to rebrand made sense: "Since 1985, the name explained what we offered our clients but materials and our products have evolved so much that it was not reflective of our offering. Our new name matches the materials we use, along with our innovative approach and style, while maintaining our steadfast passion to offer the best customer service. Our new brand reflects our contemporary garden buildings."


For the last 10 years, Bakers have utilised YouTube to showcase their various projects to potential clients. Therefore, one of our aims was to continue creating and uploading high-quality, professional videos.

The process begins when our Studio receives raw footage from the Bakers team. We cut the footage, include an intro sting, combine clips together and add end screen graphics. Many of the videos we produce for Bakers involve combining numerous videos together, adding music, creating the necessary graphics, recording voiceovers and developing animations to overlay.

Once the video has been processed, our Digital team formulate titles and captions ready to be scheduled and uploaded to YouTube. To make each video work harder and go further, we splice up the videos to use on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook too.

Social media

On social media channels, Bakers would like to build towards and be recognised as experts and market leaders in their field.

There is an appetite to build on Bakers' social media notoriety (more specifically on YouTube) and create more energy, dynamic and engaging content which better reflects Bakers' full capabilities and services.

The programme will aim to position Bakers as an innovative business, using cutting-edge materials, techniques and suppliers to deliver outstanding quality. It will also look to promote Bakers' commitments to industry standards and publish more content regarding how Bakers operates versus other businesses within the industry.

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Bakers' brand is built upon pillars of quality, customer service and great products. They want to be seen as a centre of excellence with their industry, and beyond. The business is virtually unrecognisable from where it was eight years ago, and this needs to be reflected in a modern, engaging and effective digital marketing outreach programme.

Bakers want to set the standard and lead by example - they believe that people in the industry should follow the same rigorous standards and processes they do. This should be communicated as part of a wider strategy for building the brand.

Sales and marketing automation

Using our sales and marketing automation platform, we built customised email workflows designed to deliver important information about Bakers' buildings at just the right moment in each customer's journey. This ties in with task management and CRM functionality to ensure Bakers' sales team follow up enquiries in a timely manner, whilst having all the information they need to turn leads into customers.

We combine the power of automation with customer profiling and personification to adapt and adjust dynamic content in emails and on landing pages designed to speak to their needs. After all, consumers are four times more likely to respond to content that is personalised.

With powerful analytics and in-built reporting, Bakers are able to see what's working and where to double down on their marketing spend (and move out of channels that aren't delivering strong returns) in real-time, meaning they're able to make informed decisions on the fly.


We produce ongoing project case studies, blogs and in-page content for Bakers too. Backed by our SEO research, keyword strategies and understanding of the Bakers brand, we're able to craft content which delivers key messages and engages audiences.

To ensure Bakers get the most bang for their buck, we adapt and use content across as many marketing channels as possible, meaning we're distributing a consistent and on-brand message every time.


Bringing the Bakers brand up to date to convey a modern, contemporary feel in-keeping with the innovative garden room products they create.

Logo designed to work as a prestigious badge emblem to embellish the product. Strong use of case study imagery complimented by a simple colour palette of cool grey tones.

Additional media and collateral

 Even in today's digital age, there is still a place for beautiful 'coffee table' literature, and we work closely with Bakers to design and execute project brochures to showcase buildings in the best light possible. Crafted to be as informative as it is attractive, these brochures prove a big hit with prospective customers looking to learn more about the brand.

We're also responsible for ensuring the consistent application of the Bakers brand across other physical channels including building signage, staff uniform, sales and marketing collateral, and their fleet of vehicles. With this much real estate on offer, we capitalised on an opportunity to get the brand in front of as many people as possible and reinforce key messages at the same time.


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