Campaign creative throughout the Airport

Campaign creative throughout the Airport

Gatwick Airport is a long standing client. Working on departmental projects from strategy to activation, we focus on three core audiences: staff, passengers and the local community.

Every project has its own individual challenges and clear KPIs. We deliver our range of creative services from workshops and insight through to concepts and activation.

Summer campaign 2022

Summer is obviously a major time for all airports. Increased passenger numbers mean they need to capitalise upon this busy period. In 2022, Gatwick took the opportunity to create a wide-reaching campaign designed to increase sales throughout the airport campus in restaurants, bars, cafés and retail outlets.

We delivered a campaign with a powerful overarching message and brand, targeted sub-messaging and strong creative style which ran across the airport property in both physical and digital executions as well as externally using Gatwick's social media channels.

Shop&Eat guides

Gatwick were looking to revamp their airport brochure. They wanted to achieve three main objectives: provide the reader with interesting material about Gatwick and their linked destinations, support specific retailers and restaurants to increase revenue, and assist with wayfinding using stylised maps.

We created a new name, brand and design, along with copywriting and roll-out of the guide for shopping and eating whilst at the airport. We produced these guides quarterly - pre-pandemic - and achieved all objectives, notably producing over 500k copies and delivering an increase in sales through trackable vouchers within the brochure.

Serious about sustainability

Due to changes in occupation of retailers in the international departure lounge, the airport had two large, plain hoardings which were being used to cover ongoing refurbishments. Gatwick wanted to do more than just place their logo, so we worked together to create a hoarding that spoke about all of their work on sustainability, their goals, achievements and green ambitions.

We delivered an engaging hoarding with illustrative graphics depicting the airport and its specific sustainability schemes, which directed traffic to the sustainability area of the airport's website. During the first month post-install, the website received 200 unique visitors tracked by QR code scans.

World Routes advertising

Although the majority of our work with the airport is focused on passengers, we also help Gatwick communicate with airlines to deliver potential new routes and strengthen relationships.

We ran a short campaign focused on raising awareness that Gatwick was once again growing after the pandemic. We highlighted new interest in long haul destinations through a clever passport stamp-style advertising campaign.

Drone Responsibly

In 2019, Gatwick had an incident where a drone caused a runway closure and subsequently, flight cancellations. With more technologically advanced drones becoming easier to purchase, Gatwick decided it needed a campaign designed to target the local area both physically and digitally, to raise awareness of the restrictions around flying drones close to the airport.

We created the "Drone Responsibly" campaign which is both eye-catching and uses a very specific tone of voice to educate through geographically targeted social media campaigns, posters in nearby parks explaining if it is 'drone safe' and leaflets which are distributed by the local police force.

Selling breakfasts

Gatwick asked us to help with the creative behind a campaign to promote the breakfast offering available at the airport. Passengers were unaware that many of their favourite restaurants also offered delicious meals for the start of the day.

We started with a user journey and planned messaging in different locations in the airport. Combining awareness pre-security and then wayfinding and offers once in the departure lounge. The success of this project was evident with a 14% increase in awareness, £30k income increase versus the previous year and £50k combined sales in participating restaurants.

Like what you see?

Community Engagement

Gatwick needed to create a new house-style for their Community Engagement programme, so we developed a creative platform ready to be rolled out across the region. Sticking to their colour pathways, we adopted a modern style for the campaign's graphics, using a fluid single line drawing style to emphasise the unity they were trying to achieve.

From posters to brochures, the new eye-catching style makes Gatwick's campaign stand out from the crowd.

Gary Gatwick illustrations

Gary Gatwick has been a staple at the airport for decades, but he's only just discovered social media. Gary took the plunge and has been gaining followers extremely quickly!

Gary asked us if we could produce some illustrations of him to use as his profile picture for different seasons and events throughout the year. He didn't want it to be boring and the same pose every time, so we created Gary with poseable limbs and had a great time dressing him up for different events!

International Flight Connections

Gatwick had a wayfinding issue with passengers unaware of how to reach their international connecting flights once they landed at the airport. They were also queuing both unnecessarily and in the wrong locations for their requirements, whether onward flights, baggage reclaim or passport control (with the added objective to direct EU and non-EU passengers to their respective lanes).

We needed to improve the passenger journey from landing at Gatwick all the way through the three piers to Flight Connections and immigration/passport control. Working within the airport's brand guidelines, we challenged terminology, current wayfinding and considered alternatives to help passengers on their correct journeys. The creative was approved by the Passenger Advisory Group (PAG) and rolled out across airside areas.

Christmas campaign 2022

Winter at Gatwick is their second busiest time of year and again they had a great opportunity to get festive and spread some festive cheer. We created the "Christmas is in the air" campaign with a rich red background, bringing in snowy hills, presents, a santa on his sleigh and a brilliant campaign mark formed out of a snowflake.

The campaign spanned multiple executions, including digital screens, branded sleighs, social media and much more, all with location based messages and offers.


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