Transforming Intellectual Property with Bold Branding and Seamless User Experience

Transforming Intellectual Property with Bold Branding and Seamless User Experience

At Storm12, we thrive on crafting exceptional brand experiences that resonate and drive meaningful impact. Our collaboration with Keltie, a distinguished player in the Intellectual Property (IP) industry, is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions. Through a strategic rebranding initiative, we breathed new life into Keltie's identity, seamlessly integrating it across various touchpoints, and redefining their customer journey.

Keltie Rebrand

Our partnership with Keltie began with an intensive internal partner workshop, where we immersed ourselves in the core values and aspirations of the company. This foundational understanding paved the way for the creation of a bold and distinctive brand identity. The Keltie rebrand exudes confidence and uniqueness within the IP industry, establishing Keltie as a trailblazer.

Keltie Website

The heart of Keltie's online presence underwent a comprehensive transformation. We designed a search-friendly new website that not only captivates with bold imagery but also offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user experience. To amplify the impact, we developed a secondary colour palette that harmoniously integrated into colour-themed sections, reflecting Keltie's multifaceted expertise.


Consistency is key, especially in advertising. We formulated a compelling visual style that carried Keltie's essence across all advertising materials. Through image sourcing and strategic ad roll-outs, we ensured Keltie's messaging effectively resonated with their target audience.

Keltie LLP Powerpoint Presentation

To streamline communication, we developed three distinct PowerPoint templates that catered to Keltie's diverse needs: a persuasive sales pitch, an engaging introductory presentation, and an informative knowledge-sharing deck. The templates ensured seamless deployment and easy editing, empowering Keltie to communicate their ideas, services, and solutions with clarity and impact.


To enrich Keltie’s visual storytelling, we created a series of captivating animations including an onboarding animation, a patent process walkthrough, and a helpful guide to the trade mark process. To ensure consistency, we integrated the same vibrant colour palette, illustrative style, and carefully selected voiceover. We strategically incorporated 3D elements to accentuate key aspects, infusing an extra layer of intrigue into the videos. Beyond enhancing the visual experience, these animations also save Keltie time and resources that would otherwise have been allocated to producing printed materials.

Culture Transformation

When Keltie underwent a change in leadership with a new CEO, we collaborated closely to create an internal brand that aligned with their vision. This was brought to life through a captivating launch video that integrated stock footage with smart transitions. The new brand was embraced across all internal communications, fostering unity and a shared sense of purpose within the team.

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