Marketing strategy and rebrand deployment

Marketing strategy and rebrand deployment

PSC Global came to us as PSG with a need to supercharge their marketing and diversify their clientbase from the ground up. Starting from scratch, we got to know the business and the people before we started work.

From this discovery stage, we identified key areas where we could make a real difference and then formulated a plan that would help meet their business goals.

Marketing strategy

We started by researching and analysing the target market and carried out an in-depth survey to establish which key drivers and challenges were front of mind and which channels and events had been fruitful in the past.

We also gained insight into brand recognition within the sector, which acted as a benchmark for our performance marketing. This uncovered key issues with the PSG name and the Google SERP ranking (please refer to the rebrand section).

Marketing and communications plan

Based on the research findings and budget allocation, we created a comprehensive 12-18 month communication plan which outlines all activity, channels and timeframes in order to generate maximum leads for the sales team.

As part of the plan, Storm12 also provided additional sales support and lead follow-ups to help bolster the marketing performance and provide some quick wins.

Rename / Rebrand / Brand style

One of the key issues we faced was the name - PSG. As one of the key areas we identified to develop was SEO, it became apparent that we could not compete with French football giants Paris Saint Germain (referred to online as PSG). After a vast amount of research and brainstorming, we progressed with PSC Global. It retained the acronym style from the previous brand, but also helped to push the fact they are a global business rather than appearing to be UK-only.

Once the rebrand was complete, we started defining a new brand style which would give PSC Global a more professional and contemporary look and feel. Using a rich navy blue and introducing a vibrant secondary colour palette helped us integrate and sub-brand their services.

Interior signage

Having two fantastic facilities in Worthing and a tour being one of the key stages of their sales journey, we had a great opportunity to add our design skills to the process and create a fantastic first impression for visitors.

We delivered wall, floor and hanging graphics which followed a specific, new client journey from the reception, through the meeting rooms and then supporting directional and area signage through the working areas and warehouse.

Like what you see?


Feeding from the communications plan, we defined several videos which were needed to support the digital performance and online presence. Starting with a company overview, we defined a compelling script, storyboard and vision that would kick off the video projects.

One of the key elements was to introduce staff in key areas and we wanted Chris, the MD, to be the one telling the story. Some carefully chosen shots, a fantastic location and some brilliant lighting really make this video dynamic.

Digital performance marketing

We used powerful email marketing tools, integrated CRM and our sales strategy to communicate PSC's rebrand to key audiences with tailored content designed to speak to their individual needs.

We have also developed dedicated campaign landing pages with bespoke conversion funnels designed to focus visitors on key aspects of PSC's business and give them the opportunity to make enquiries.

And the best bit is that's is all connected together in one, seamless interface allowing PSC to track their leads from end-to-end, see how they're engaging and make strategic adjustments based on real intelligence on the fly.

Social media outreach

We plan, design and execute PSC Global's social media outreach strategy, aiming to grow their channel following organically and dissipate key marketing messages at the same time. Our multi-channel, multi-format approach is built upon our understanding of each platform's algorithms to keep PSC's content front of mind, which has lead to an increase in followers of 124 on LinkedIn alone in the last year.

We track, monitor and adjust according to results, feedback and in-platform analytics to constantly evolve our approach to producing content. Relevancy and variety are key factors in audience growth and we conduct rolling, in-depth social listening audits to ensure we're publishing content that PSC's audience want to read.


Keyword audits, analysis and refinement form part of our ongoing strategy for PSC's SEO programme in our efforts to get them appearing in more results for more relevant searches, more of the time. Competitive analysis, opportunities for online PR and position change monitoring make up the skills we apply to boost PSC's online presence. The results speak for themselves with a 259% increase in page one keyword rankings.

We also run PPC campaigns targeting key terminology for revenue-generating products and services, moving users through dedicated high converting landing pages to drive enquiries and arm the sales team with qualified leads.

This all filters through into our social media outreach and content services to create a joined-up approach aimed at maximising exposure and generating as many leads as possible.

Online advertising

As part of our multi-channel approach to PSC Global's marketing and outreach, we regularly place adverts for products and services on industry publication websites, exhibition portals and in trade media.

We also run a dedicated remarketing programme to keep PSC's service adverts at front of mind for customers who have visited the website before or engaged with advertising on other channels.



As part of an ongoing content programme, we produce news stories, blogs, insight articles and social media material highlighting product development, customer case studies and thought leadership pieces. We have published content in membership magazines and industry media publications (both online and in print).

We have created various cross-platform campaigns drawing on the values, heritage and capabilities of PSC Global. These campaigns have included direct mail, targeted adverts, social media, website collateral, print media and more. We maximise return on investment by advertising through this wide variety of media and delivering messaging to the right audience.


Initial insight surveys uncovered key findings allowing us to drive campaigns and target potential future customers. Based on these initial findings, we developed branding and campaigns to place PSC Global in an optimal market position in the manufacturing sector.

In the first 10 months, PSC Global saw an increase in; page one keyword ranking of 259%, organic traffic of 80%, and over 62 new outbound leads.

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