Elevating Real Estate Excellence Through Innovative Branding

Elevating Real Estate Excellence Through Innovative Branding

Our long standing partnership with SHW has been a journey of collaborative successes, marked by transformative projects that redefine the real estate landscape. From revitalising their logo to creating interactive digital solutions, our collaboration with SHW has consistently harnessed innovation to deliver exceptional results.

Logo Redesign

In a bold leap towards modernity, we embarked on a dynamic logo redesign for SHW. The new brand identity captured attention with its audacious angles that ingeniously mimic the 'W' in SHW. Retaining the familiar colours, the logo was distilled to its essence, transitioning from Stiles Harrold Williams to the succinct and powerful SHW. Designed with distance recognition in mind, the new logo stands as an emblem of SHW's unwavering commitment to progressive transformation.

Brand Guidelines

A comprehensive overhaul demanded an equally expansive set of brand guidelines. From stationery to brochures, our meticulous guidelines navigated the intricacies of SHW's visual language. An expansive section dedicated to signage encompassed a diverse array of boards, catering to myriad purposes such as partner signage, letting, sales, and regional contact numbers. The guidelines even extended to report and property documents, enriched with sector-specific imagery for a cohesive brand presentation.

SHW New Website

Our collaboration propelled SHW's online presence to new heights through a strategic design overhaul. Elevating user experience, we introduced aggregated content pages, optimising both SEO and user engagement. A meticulously developed colour palette breathed fresh life into the website, while a restructured menu and ghost page reorganisation met Google's stringent requirements. The integration of page-based contact details added a practical touch, enhancing user accessibility.

Interactive PDF

Elevating SHW's sales and services brochure, we introduced an interactive PDF that seamlessly melds aesthetics with functionality. Beyond its visually appealing presentation, the brochure boasts animations that captivate and engage. Hosted on the website, this dynamic PDF represents a paradigm shift in how SHW's offerings are communicated and experienced.

Airport Microsite

Addressing a unique audience segment, we conceived a standalone airport microsite designed to resonate with precision. Tailored for optimal SEO performance, the microsite seamlessly integrates with SHW's broader digital ecosystem. Through meticulous API integration, we ensured a seamless and cohesive experience, empowering SHW to effectively connect with a distinct target audience.


The SHW partnership exemplifies our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Through a multifaceted approach encompassing branding, digital transformation, and strategic communication, we've elevated SHW's presence and offerings, reaffirming their position as a dynamic force within the real estate landscape.

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