About Ben

When Ben was 10 his parents gave him the biggest Technic Lego set they could afford and at 11 his Christmas present was a ZX Spectrum computer. 
Clearly something of a nerd and an inventor he decided that designing cool things would be a good way to spend his life and so off to Imperial College he went in 1991 to study mechanical engineering.

After graduating he quickly realised that engineering is rarely as glamorous, exciting and sexy as the recruitment posters claimed. Building good websites, however, requires a delicious combination of creativity and problem-solving and so after a couple of jobs in fast-paced dot.com internet start-ups in London, Ben started building websites as a freelancer. The first website Ben ever built was for Storm12's client Sony in 2000, and he's never looked back.

These days Ben divides his working days between keyboards and clients, overseeing Storm12's digital work and the studio as a whole, and inspiring clients with website ideas. If Ben's fingernails are dirty it's because he's been working on the restoration of his 1976 Stingray, which he's owned since he was 23. If his knees are dirty it's because he's been mountainbiking on the South Downs. If his kids are dirty it's because his amateur domestic plumbing has burst.

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