How we rebranded Stiles Harold Williams to SHW


Tim Hardwicke, Partner (Head of Agency)

Alex Gale, Partner (Head of Surrey, South London & Kent Business Space)

Paul Wade, Partner (Head of Crawley Professional)

Adrian Dack, Partner (Head of Property Management)

Carol Williams, ICT Partner


Timeline: 5 months





SHW is a firm of independent property advisors based in London and the South of England, and one of the South East's largest commercial property specialists.

Out with the old


The brand needed modernising to project the personality of the firm, but still retain elements of the equity it had built for Stiles Harold Williams over the years.


The name was a bit of a mouthful and it also meant long domain names and email address which lead to errors when keyed in by users. They wanted to simplify their logo and company name to avoid confusion.


Audience split:

  • Commercial and Residential
  • Small Business
  • Sole Traders
  • Occupiers
  • Owners
  • Landlords

Strategy and process


By keeping the colours and just fine-tuning the tones for modern taste, we were able to retain a link to the existing brand's recognition.


By shortening the brand name to its initials - SHW - we are left with a bold, confident name that rolls off the tongue.


Simpler was better and so we created a new, distilled version of the logo and brand to match it to the fact that SHW is proactive, vibrant, current and forward-thinking.

Rolling out the rebrand

Turning our attention-grabbing strategy to the website, we created a simpler navigation structure in order to help users easily access content. Adding a new set of images to highlight key business areas and encourage calls to action have also helped to modernise the site.

  • Brand guidelines
  • Branding
  • Literature
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Responsive website design

An inviting website design

Bold screen filling images and simple navigation creates a much warmer, user-friendly website for visitors


Text heavy design with sparse small images of the properties available.


Hero images, simple navigation and integration with their third party property listing software enables seamless working.

Making Property Work

The brand is now simple, easy to remember and modern. It is distinct from its competitors with its unique appearance - all designed to make them stand out.

The logo is more identifiable, mimicking a building in perspective. Clean, tidy and still maintaining the professionalism that SHW were after.

The website is strong, fresh and distinctive, with user-friendly menu and navigation.

All in all, another job well done.

In with the new


Increase in organic search


Increase in page views


New design for their site and rebrand

"The new website turned out even better than we had imagined - we've seen an increase in organic search traffic of 95% and a 300% increase in page views across the site. The easy integration of our third-party portals and platforms has given us a site which is more user-friendly and helps meet our online aspirations."

Partner, SHW