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As Bakers Timber Buildings evolved over the last few years, it became apparent that their name did not reflect their products and services. Bakers Garden Buildings more accurately describes their products and manufacturing processes - the amount of timber used is a fraction of past buildings - so we decided to help them rebrand with a subtle name change, but a complete new look. The old name did not reflect Bakers’ offer and services, so our creative team developed a new identity to tie this together.

What we did...

Working with Bakers to understand their vision for the new brand’s look and feel in a series of meetings, we crafted the new identity to work most effectively in the mixed media it would be used in. Printed brochures, social media, video and the website all form integral parts of Bakers’ marketing efforts and the new brand needed synergy across all channels. Once the brand was in place, we planned a launch campaign to unveil the brand to their audience.


We needed to add a contemporary feel to the updated brand and achieved it with a clean, simple logo with elegant typeface. Adding a sophisticated colour palette brought the brand to life and told the story of the premium nature of the product. Our animation team then introduced motion graphics to the logo to make it both engaging and tell a story of the construction process involved.


Alongside the brand and updated website, we designed and built email campaigns to alert customers and prospects to the new identity, distributing to Bakers’ database and directing people online to learn more from a series of new YouTube videos. Working with Bakers, we continue to develop product feature videos, client case studies, interview-style content and project reviews. The new look and feel of the brand has elevated Bakers’ online presence and our social media asset package has helped them to build a more consistent set of profiles to engage potential customers. 

Project Team

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“It has been brilliant working with all the team at Storm12 - they totally understood our strategy and brand vision. I love the new branding and have now agreed a year-long contract for them to continue to help get our message across in a professional, organised manner”.

Managing Director - Bakers Garden Buildings

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