Reasons To Choose A Custom Designed Website

5th Jul 2018

Reasons To Choose A Custom Designed Website

A website is an essential tool for productive business. From branding to marketing and sales, your website can have a key role to play in many different aspects of what your organisation does. It will set you apart from competitors, help to establish trust with your customers and contribute to customer service quality. When you're creating a website for your business you might choose to use a website builder platform, such as Wix, or an open source content management system like Wordpress. However, there are some very good reasons why opting for a custom-designed website that is specifically created for your business is often a better choice.


1. A faster website


A CMS or website builder is designed for general use and that usually means that, if you create your website on one of these platforms, it will come with a lot of functionality that you just don't need. This can not only make it more difficult for a user to navigate your website but can also increase website load times and make your website slower. A recent study found that slow page load times mean that you lose potential customers - if your pages take longer than 3 seconds to load you could be losing nearly 50% of your visitors.


2. Bespoke functionality


With any other option for website design, you will need to make the functionality available to you fit into what your business needs in terms of customer journey. However, when you have a custom-designed website, the structure is designed from scratch with the needs of your business and customers in mind. Bespoke functionality can simplify your customer journey and make it more effective. It can also be used to add elements of automation to business functions, such as capturing email leads, to introduce more efficiency and ensure you're not wasting opportunities.


3. Security upgrade


If you're using an open-source CMS or website builder such as Wordpress or Joomla to create your website then you are vulnerable to the security issues that affect those platforms. If vulnerabilities are not spotted or patched fast enough then there is little you can do to protect yourself. That's simply not the case with a bespoke designed website, which can be built around the very specific security needs of your business and industry.


4. A website that grows with your business


When it comes to scalability and flexibility, a custom-designed website is really the only option that can truly grow with your business. Being able to add functionality, scale up to cope with increased traffic and easily make changes to reflect the way the business is changing are unique features to a custom built web design.


5. A website that is as unique as your business


Custom-designed websites don't rely on templates or themes - instead the site is built to the specifications of your business's digital needs. Both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, this results in a truly unique web presence that will deliver results and positively project your brand into the online world.


So there you go. For us, custom beats off-the-shelf every time and that's why we do what we do. If you're fed up with your site not doing what you want it to, let us know and we'll build you a new one.

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