A Day In The Life Of A Digital Content Assistant

16th May 2024

A Day In The Life Of A Digital Content Assistant

Are you thinking of starting a career in digital marketing and/or digital content? If you are, you’d probably like to know exactly what a role in this industry entails on a daily basis. Keep reading to find out what a day in the life of a Digital Content Assistant is really like.

8 - 9am 

At 8am on a Monday, after arriving at work and having a catch up, the team will sit down together and have a meeting. We discuss and update each other on anything that went on during the previous week. This could be a successful meeting with a new client, an event or exhibition that members of the team attended or a project that was completed. Then we discuss any upcoming meetings, projects and events taking place over the next week. This is always great for everyone to feel up-to-date with what’s going on in the business and learn of any new work that needs to be completed. 


Monday morning meeting


9 - 9:30am 

After the Monday morning meeting, it’s time to log on and get organised for the week. As a content assistant, my role involves managing the digital department’s social media calendar, where we schedule all the social and digital content, not only for our clients but for Storm12 too. 

After creating a list of tasks for the week, including social captions, blog posts and research, myself and the Digital Performance Manager will have a catch up to make sure we know what’s going on in our department that week, including any client meetings and important pieces of work that need completing.


It’s also common around this time for someone in the team to pick up coffees for everyone from the cafe across the road. 


Client social media calendar


9:30am - 1pm

In the morning, I tend to work on higher priority tasks. This could be anything from social captions that will need to be approved and posted within the next couple of days, to completing research for a new client. The type of research performed in my role tends to be market research. For example, I may need to research a client’s competitors, find out what they post on social media and how much engagement they receive. It might also include finding Facebook groups, relevant to our client, that we can join and post in to attract new customers and increase their brand awareness.


During the morning, it’s prime tea and coffee time. At Storm12 we have a saying: ‘if you want a cup of tea, chances are everyone else does too’. So for the most part, if you fancy a hot drink, it’s your duty to make sure everyone has got one too! Most mornings, in between working, I will do a couple of tea and coffee rounds, as will everyone else.


We usually have a visit from the local cat at some point during the day. This cat is a huge supporter of the work we do here at Storm12 and will sometimes invite herself inside the office to say hello.


A frequent Storm12 visitor


1 - 2pm  

After a busy morning and plenty of cups of tea, it’s lunchtime. If I don’t decide to go to a shop or pop back home to walk the dog, I’ll enjoy a quick walk or maybe treat myself to lunch at JO.CO, the cafe opposite our office. It’s always important to give yourself a break so that you can get back to work feeling refreshed. I personally find that after my lunch break I often have a different perspective on any work I started in the morning, making taking a break even more important.



JO.CO, the cafe across the road


2 - 5pm 

In the afternoon, as well as continuing with any copywriting tasks, I will also focus on the visual aspect of social posts. This can include editing photos and videos, making reels for Instagram and creating PDFs for LinkedIn posts. For any visuals that need more expertise, I will liaise with the creative team who can then create videos, images and illustrations for me to post on social media. 


Although not everyday, client meetings are an important part of my role. These can be monthly catch-up meetings to go through what we’ve achieved for them in the last four weeks, as well as what is coming up. It can also include meeting with a new client to discuss strategic content plans, ideas for their social media and find out what they’re looking for from us. 


Working on social media captions 


5 - 5:30pm

At the end of the day, it’s time to have another look through the social media calendar, ensuring I know exactly what we’re posting for the week and making sure any help that’s needed from the creative team or the Digital Performance Manager is communicated and organised accordingly. 


At 5:30, it’s time to say goodbye to the team and go home! 


Bye team!



So that’s an average Monday in the life of a Digital Content Assistant at creative agency, Storm12. To truly know if a particular role or career path is right for you, it’s important to understand what type of work will be expected of you and whether it sounds like something you’d genuinely enjoy. Hopefully this day in the life has given you a good insight into this type of role! 


If you’d like to know more about other Storm12 departments and roles, head over to our About Us page, or feel free to contact us here. 

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