Extra Tips For Creating Digital Content

21st Mar 2024

Extra Tips For Creating Digital Content

Creating digital content for a business can often lead to creative block. If you’re someone who works alone or in a small team, it can be difficult to continuously come up with new, exciting ideas for your business’s digital platforms. The following tips will ensure that you never run out of content ideas.


A great way to generate new content ideas is through AI. ChatGPT is a free and effective tool to find new concepts for your online content. Make sure you explain the business and its audience before asking for ideas to ensure the outcome is useful and realistic for your brand. You’ll receive a list that you can use and work from. You can also use AI to help you write social media captions. 


Although AI is great for ideas, it doesn’t compare to content created by a human as it can lack authenticity. Therefore, it’s important to utilise AI solely for inspiration, rather than copying word for word the text it generates. 


Man using Chat gpt


Keyword Research

Keyword research can give you insights into your audience’s most frequently asked questions and their interests. This enables you to find out what your audience is searching for online based on your industry and create defined content. You can then cater your content to these keywords to increase its reach, views and engagement. 


Check out the Semrush Keyword Generator here


And to find out how to create your own keyword strategy, see our recent blog post: Creating A Keyword Strategy For Your Business


Keyword searching


Stand Out From Your Competitors

It’s important to always be aware of what your competitors are posting on social media. Which of their posts seem to be the most engaging and get the most interaction? Check their content periodically to find out what sparks the most interest and engagement from your audience. 


Using laptop to create content



Storytelling is a hugely popular way to market your business on social media. Rather than simply describing your business, service or product and stating facts, tell a story that sparks intrigue and increases the chance of your audience remembering you. Find out more about this marketing method here.


Drawing a storyboard


Ideas From People Around You 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for inspiration from your colleagues and even family and friends. Sometimes, those who might not have much knowledge around digital content or even your business are the ones who can think outside the box and provide great ideas for your content.


Talking to colleagues


By implementing these resources and ideas into your content strategy, you can ensure you never run out of new ideas and themes for your digital content or places to find them.


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Or for further help and advice, learn about our own Digital Content Services here.

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