The Benefits of Web Applications

6th Sep 2018

The Benefits of Web Applications

Web applications are often used as a tool by businesses to submit and retrieve data to/from a database over the internet. That could be for any number of reasons, such as communicating with customers or providing a way to deliver data and information to those at management level. Web applications are versatile and effective and a custom one could help your business to achieve improvements, operationally and in security terms. Its potential benefits are:

  • Round the clock access -

Applications that are web based are accessible 24-7. All that is required is a device to access, as well as an internet connection, and the web application can do its job at any time of the night or day. This becomes particularly beneficial with something like updates - installing updates to desktop applications can be long and time-consuming and may mean that not all machines are protected at the same time. Web applications, on the other hand, are instantly updated so that everyone always has access to the latest version.


  • Streamlining business processes -

As organisations have more and more data to deal with, as well as multiple sources and systems to coordinate, business process can become slow and inefficient. You may currently be struggling with piles of physical paperwork or data that is being drawn from both spreadsheets and Word documents, both of which may not always be the right version. Web applications have the potential to streamline business processes to make them much more efficient. Data is integrated in one place, providing accurate perspective, and staff time and resources are better used.


  • 3.  Web applications can be scaled and customized -

Working with them provides a lot of flexibility. Any custom web application can be created specifically to cater to the business' individual needs, making it more effective and more appropriate for the work at hand. Customisation can come in many forms, from including branding to removing features that aren't relevant to your business. The flexibility of web applications also makes them very simple to scale in response to business change.


  • Improving data security -

It has become increasingly crucial for businesses to be aware of (and on top of) data security. Web applications store all their data in the cloud so the responsibility for security doesn't lie with an individual business. If business premises are damaged or broken into there is no risk to web application data as it is stored off site with providers who have a wealth of security experience and good business reasons to ensure it is as comprehensive as possible.


  • Set up and maintenance is simple -

Web applications are set up, maintained and accessed online, as opposed on multiple individual devices. It's much easier to coordinate installation, as well as maintenance and this can be carried out instantly so that anyone using the application is always working with the correct version.


If you'd like to find out more about how web applications could benefit your business please get in touch with Storm12 today, or have a look at other web-based work we've done.

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