Vent-Axia Sustainable is Attainable campaign

20th Jun 2022

Vent-Axia Sustainable is Attainable campaign

As the world becomes more aware of the impact of climate change, businesses are under increasing pressure to showcase their environmental credentials. Vent-Axia, a British ventilation, heating and air conditioning manufacturer, approached us at Storm12 to create an integrated campaign that would highlight their efforts to be more sustainable.

The sustainability campaign needed to be eye-catching and work across print and digital platforms, with a strong visual identity and a distinct strapline that would tie it all together.


Conceptualising the Sustainability Campaign for Vent-Axia


We started the project by developing two initial concepts, one based on images and the other on illustrations. We then ran these concepts through some of the main or most-challenging touchpoints to ensure they were powerful and consistent across the campaign. We also held workshops with the Vent-Axia team to build upon these initial ideas and create strong visuals that would work across all campaign elements.


sustainable marketing campaign


Building the Sustainability Campaign


At Storm12, we always begin with a workshop to identify the key objectives for the campaign and any specific deliverables. For Vent-Axia's Sustainable is Attainable campaign, we decided to use the company's sustainable achievements to create supporting creative assets that would bring the information to life. We used these elements to create a narrative for consumers to follow, setting the scene in each individual output.


Results of the Sustainable is Attainable Campaign


The Sustainable is Attainable campaign was a fully integrated campaign that worked across print and digital platforms. The key strapline, "Sustainable is Attainable," tied the campaign together, and we created a variety of deliverables, including social media posts, landing page, adverts, an animation, and an infographic. We also created a double-page spread to be used in Vent-Axia's digital brochures and potentially in any future print brochures.



The campaign was a great success, with the tagline "Sustainable is Attainable" resonating strongly with Vent-Axia's customers and the wider public. The Group Head of Marketing at Volution Ventilation UK, Vent-Axia's parent company, was thrilled with the results, stating that:


"Storm12 not only came up with an engaging campaign idea with fantastic visuals, but they also delivered THE best tag line for the campaign."


At Storm12, we pride ourselves on delivering creative solutions that work. Our Sustainable is Attainable campaign for Vent-Axia showcases our ability to create an integrated campaign that works across print and digital platforms, with strong visuals and a clear message that resonates with consumers. As businesses become more aware of the need to be sustainable, campaigns like this will become increasingly important, and we're proud to be at the forefront of this important movement.

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