The Stages Of A Successful Direct Mail Campaign

13th Jun 2021

The Stages Of A Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Storm12 had the pleasure of working with ABN AMRO, one of the largest banks in the Netherlands, to help them re-engage with some of their key clients. The goal was to create a direct mail campaign that would grab the attention of their clients and get them to engage with ABN AMRO again.

Here's what we did to help ABN AMRO achieve their goals:


Phase 1: Designing the Direct Mail Campaign


We started with the design phase of the campaign. We wanted to create something that would stand out and catch the attention of the recipients. We worked with ABN AMRO's branding guidelines to ensure that the final product was on-brand and looked professional.


Phase 2: Printing, Assembling and Sending the Mailers


Once the design was finalised, we moved on to the fulfilment phase. We printed and assembled the bespoke mailers in-house to ensure the highest quality. We also handled the mailing process to ensure that each mailer was delivered to the intended recipient.


Results of the ABN AMRO Direct Mail Campaign


The campaign was a success! In phase one, 175 bespoke mailers were delivered, and 34 reactivations were achieved. This means that 1 in 4 follow-ups led to a marketing qualified lead. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of a well-designed and executed direct mail campaign.


What ABN AMRO had to say about the Direct Mail Campaign 

"The team at Storm12 understand our business and numerous challenges exceedingly well and are always happily on hand to help us meet them. Whether this is a conceptual positioning for an in-depth acquisition campaign or an internal quick win, they apply exactly the right amount of strategic thinking and resource to do an excellent job, on budget - and not a penny more! Their refreshing approach is very much based on maximum creativity for return on investment with minimum fuss. They have begun to feel almost as an extension of the marketing team and it's great to know we can absolutely rely on them. Oh yes... and sometimes they bring us great cakes too!" - Head of Marketing & Communications at ABN AMRO.


At Storm12, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their marketing goals. Our work with ABN AMRO demonstrates the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns when executed correctly. If you're looking to generate leads and build relationships with potential clients, we can help you use direct mail as part of your marketing strategy.

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