How We Execute Brand Development and Website Redesign: Mezzanine Flooring

2nd Mar 2018

How We Execute Brand Development and Website Redesign: Mezzanine Flooring

When it comes to branding and website design, it's important to choose a creative agency that can take your business to the next level. At Storm12, we specialise in helping companies refine and reposition their brand, while also creating stunning websites that drive traffic and revenue. In this post, we'll be discussing our work with Mezzanine Flooring International in Kent and the results we achieved together.

Branding: On another level


Mezzanine Flooring International in Kent approached Storm12 with the goal of refining and repositioning their brand. As a leading supplier of mezzanine flooring, they wanted to ensure that their brand accurately reflected their expertise and professionalism. After an initial workshop, where we discussed key objectives and KPIs, we got to work on the branding and colour palette development.


We approached the project with the aim of creating a visually engaging brand that would reflect the quality of Mezzanine International's products and services. We developed a new colour palette that was modern and sophisticated, yet still reflected their industry. By refining their brand messaging, we were able to clearly communicate their expertise and experience in the field of mezzanine flooring.


The Mezzanine International team were delighted with the results, stating that "Strategically, Storm12 demonstrated a clear understanding of our business objectives. From the initial workshop through to the accurate delivery of a visually engaging website that we're very proud of."


Website: Levelled up


Mezzanine International also needed a new website that reflected their brand and showcased their products and services to potential customers. They wanted a site that would help them stand out in a crowded marketplace, while also providing an intuitive user experience.


Storm12 took on the challenge of both the design and development of their international and trade websites. We incorporated a full-bleed video integration on the homepage that immediately captured the attention of visitors. We also created a bespoke client portal that provided easy access to important information for customers.


The results were impressive. Mezzanine International saw a 58% increase in traffic and a 17% reduction in bounce rate. The website generated £500k of revenue in January 2016 alone, demonstrating the impact of a well-designed and effective website.


In conclusion, Storm12 worked closely with Mezzanine International to refine their brand and create a stunning website that generated significant revenue. We're proud to have been a part of their success story and we look forward to helping other businesses achieve their goals through our creative branding and website design services.

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