Two Advertising Campaigns for Metrobus

10th May 2017

Two Advertising Campaigns for Metrobus

As a creative agency, Storm12 was thrilled to be chosen by Metrobus to work on their advertising campaigns. The bus company wanted to dispel preconceived notions about bus travel and promote their commuter route between Burgess Hill and Brighton. Our team was up for the challenge and worked closely with Metrobus to create a campaign that would engage and inspire commuters.

Two Campaigns with One Main Goal: Promoting Metrobus


Our collaboration with Metrobus resulted in two successful campaigns that not only challenged bus myths but also drove results.


Campaign 1: Bus Myths Busted


The first campaign focused on debunking common myths about bus travel, highlighting the benefits of taking the bus over driving a car. Storm12 created creative artwork for offline ads, bus backs, bus stops, and direct mail, as well as digital assets for online ads and animated banners for the corporate website and social media. The messaging was sharp, straight to the point, and could be tailored to all kinds of media formats.


The campaign was a success, with an uplift in M-ticket app usage during the campaign period and an increase in patronage on the key Burgess Hill route. The Marketing Manager at Metrobus had this to say about the partnership: "We really enjoyed working with Storm12, they came up with a really strong creative, and messaging that was sharp, straight to the point and that we could tailor to all kinds of media formats."


Campaign 2: 24/7 Bus Routes


The second campaign was built around promoting the 24/7 bus routes to and from Gatwick Airport. Storm12 created a theme that emphasised the flexibility and convenience of the service, whether you were travelling for business or leisure. We rolled out the material online, in print, on buses, and bus stop advertising spaces.


The campaign was a hit, with 22,000 social media users reached by the outreach.


Working with Metrobus was an exciting opportunity for our team at Storm12, and we are thrilled with the results of both campaigns. Our ability to create impactful, creative campaigns that drive results is what sets us apart from other agencies. We look forward to continuing to work with Metrobus and other forward-thinking companies that share our passion for creativity and innovation.

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